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My name is Adrienne and my husband is Josh. I put this blog together originally to share some amazing deals I was finding online with friends and family out of state. Recently the blog has expanded to hundreds of readers, and is continuing to expand. As it does I am trying to make it easier for people to contact us with questions, or concerns. Currently I only have my e-mail as an option to contact me, but as the site expands we are looking at adding live chat, and or a phone line specifically dedicated to Daily Deal Watch. Thanks again for stopping by our site.

For product or deal you are offering or know about to be featured on my blog please send me an e-mail here.

For corrections, comments, compliments, or complaints about a post currently live on my blog please e-mail me here, and make sure to reference the post to which you are referring to.

All contest winners are contacted before the winner's posts are live. If you won an item and did not receive an e-mail than most likely your e-mail address was incorrect or it went to the "junk" or "spam" folder of your e-mail. In order to prove that you are the winner please e-mail me from the e-mail address you left on the initial post. All prizes will be mailed or e-mailed out with in 3 business days. I do send delivery confirmation on all prizes, thus if you have not received a prize that was mailed please contact me and we will track it down.

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