Saturday, May 17, 2014

Utah Children's Club Summer Palooza Blogging Opportunity

Utah Children's Club Summer Palooza
Blogging Opportunity 

Get 1 FREE Family 4 Pack of Tickets to the Summer Palooza when you blog the following information, plus 2 FREE family 4 packs of tickets to the Summer Palooza to giveaway on your blog! Be sure to check out all the fun happening at the summer palooza here:

What has:
Bounce Houses
Rock Walls
Huge Inflatable Soccer Field
Utah Bubble Balls (be sure to look them up on the internet)
Tower of Terror 
2 Train Rides!
Play Dough Tables
Stampin Up Crafts
Staker Parsons Sand Trailer filled with Toys
ALL Your Favorite Princesses and Super Heros
Drum Bus
Disney Tattoos
Utah Winter Faire, Renaissance Characters
Ghost Busters
Harry Potter Alliance
Star Wars Garrisons 
Utah Yo Yo Club and State Champion!!
Salt Lake Lions Ultimate Frisbee
Jungle Jumparoo Jumping Toys
Strider Bike Races
Inflatable Sports Skills Games
Book of Mormon Comics
Bobby Lawrence Karate
Small Petting Zoo
Fat Cats Bowling Games
Kinetic Sand and Art Blubber

OH, It's Going To Be FUN

More Activities and Space than Ever Before!!
ALL Included in your $6.00 Ticket

Announcing Summer Palooza!!

Saturday, June 7th at West Ridge Academy
(home of the annual Scarecrow Festival with Tons of Playing Space!!)

Your Job--
Mark Your Calendar, Tell Your Friends, and Get Discount 6.00 Tickets at

Then e-mail me back at with the link to your blog and we will send you your tickets! Thanks bloggers!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Squinkie Packs Under $10.00 Just In Time for Easter


These often seem expensive but here is a small list of squinkie toys that are on sale on Amazon for an amazing price! I love having squinkies in my purse they entertain the kids in waiting rooms and at resturants without filling up an entire space with toys!

Squinkies X-Men Series $7.95 - Go Here...
Squinkies Monster Pack $3.95 - Go Here...
Squinkies WWE Wrestling $4.40 - Go Here...
Squinkies Power Ranger Pack - $8.79 - Go Here..
Squinkies Mini Mouse Series - $6.75 - Go Here...
Squinkies Fuzzy Pets Series - $8.81 - Go Here... 
Squinkies Barbie Set - $6.95 - Go Here...
Squinkies Doos (Brush Included) -  Series 2 - Series 3  - Series 5 - Series 6
Squinkie HELLO KITTY (RARE) $4.99 - Go Here...
Squinkies Deluxe Share N Wear Kitty Themed Pack $8.99 - Go Here...
Squinkies Fantasy Suprise with Bonus Ring $8.96 - Go Here...
Star Wars Fighter Pods $3.30 - Go Here...

We take ours out of the package and use these for easter egg hunts! the kids love to find new squinkies and trade amoungst themselves to get full sets or mix and match!

Disclaimer: I use affiliate credits throughout this blog to include individual posts. The oppinions displayed in this blog are 100% my own.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Starbucks Free Star Codes Up To 30 Stars!

Starbucks Free Star Codes to Try: 

MF9KV69T3 - 10 Stars 
MCATALINM - 5 Stars 
MCATALINH - 5 Stars 
MCATALINL - 5 Stars 

MCATALINK - 5 stars (added from comments) 

If they don't work for you today try them again each day over the next few days they appear to have a limited amount of times they can be used per day!

3 things you need to know: 
1 - You must have a starbucks rewards account, it's free but you need to set it up. 
2 - You must have your name and address in the account for the codes to work. 
3 - The codes cap out during the day at some point so if they don't work today don't assume they won't work tomorrow. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Krueger K Cup Brewer Review

Krueger K Cup Brewer Review

I got my K-Cup Brewer for Christmas I was not given one and not compensated in anyway for this review. The Krueger K-Cup Brewer is expensive but wow is it worth it! I have loved every second of mine... but I have run into a few interesting scinarios and I thought I'd share the full experiance for all of you looking into one. 

First it only does one cup at a time and the k-cups run .25 cents (on sale) to 1.00 or so per cup of coffee so it beats out Starbucks by a long ways, but it's not as cheep as brewing up a full pot of coffee. However, if you are someone like me who drinks tea, and my husband occassionally drinks coffee and we're the only two using it... it's perfect! Since a pot of coffee would go to waste after the first cup and we'll never drink the same thing in the morning this is ideal. 

Also DON"T throw away your k-cups after the first run! I found out accidently that if you are brewing a medium size cup of coffee (average size for a mug) the k-cup actually will brew 2's since it's meant to do the largest size travel mug! This cuts the cost of having these machines in half! 

Problems we ran into: 

  1. K-Cup Brewer says "Prime" on the LED screen and won't work until you figure out what it wants you to do! ahhh.... especially if you haven't had your morning coffee to cope with this! Okay really it was quite simple. Just take the water container off the side and push the button on the bottom to let some water out. It usually means it got water bubbles in it and can't read how full the water is. 
  2. K-Cup Brewer says "Not Ready" on the LED screen. This can mean 2 things: first that the water hasn't warmed up if you just turned the machine on (that's easy you can hear it to start warming and boiling) if it's been on and all the sudden says "not ready" then you probably have a coffee grain stuck in the little needle that punctures the cups. Just pop the top open (like you're putting a new cup in) and use a bobby pin, or toothpick (I used a safety pin) and stick it up into that needle and pop whatever out. I ran the brewer with out a cup in after doing this to let it wash everything out. It was super simple. 
I have heard of people having other issues but in just over a year that's all I've ran into! So both simple, easy to fix, and I didn't have to even contact Krueger to get anything done. I have had my machine since Christmas 2012, and have tried dozens of flavors of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate in it. I highly recommend the Snapple Peach Tea it's to die for! I also like the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha, and the Chai Latte. 

I hope you enjoyed this review! Disclaimer: This post as all the posts on Daily Deal Watch my contain affiliate links. This is how I sponsor my blog and am able to contniue blogging. Thank you for using the links on this blog. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review of the Nabi 2

Nabi 2 Review

I got both girls Nabi 2s for Christmas. I had debated between the Kindle Fires, Nabi 2, and iPads for my girls before finally deciding on the Nabi 2. There are some great things about the decission we made and some not so great things here is a full review.

The selling poitns that we used when making the decission to purchase a Nabi 2: 

  1. The Nabi 2 was $170 so about $100 cheeper than a Kindle Fire and $129 cheeper than the cheepest price on an iPad Mini during the holidays. 
  2. The Nabi 2 has the full Google Play Market, and locks out to the Nabi Mode or allows you access to the Parent Mode. I really liked this option! I can put just the apps or even portions of apps on the Nabi mode. Books I want them to be able to read inside the Children's Nook App and lock out the rest of the app for example. 
  3. It has timelocks just like the Kindle Fire if you choose to download the app and implement them. 
  4. The Nabi 2 has a chore chart and you can actually load 'reward coins' that children earn on their own by signing off they have done chores. With the coins kids can buy real apps or real books, and music inside approved apps. The Nabi sends YOU the parent an e-mail asking permission for each download, and doens't take their money until you approve it. 
  5. The Nabi is shatterproof, drop proof, and even water resistant. We got rubber bumpers for them in each of our girls favorit colors. This was the huge selling point for me! 
  6. The girls can still Skype family and be on a 100% approved skype list. I put in the addresses that are allowed to Skype them or they are allowed to Skype and they can call freely within their time limits, and approved lists. 

Now that you know the selling poitns here are a few downsides we considered: 

  1. They don't have the Apple App Market. Let's face it there are a lot of great apps that are only out there for Apple right now. 
  2. There weren't many reviews that were more than a few sentances and a star rating out there at the time we bought them. 
  3. They have limited customizabililty on the outside. We bought them each a colored bumper that was their favorite color and some times to write their names on the back. But as far as dozens of choses there just aren't any great options. 
  4. Some of the first round Nabi's had problems and we did end up exchaning one of ours because it wouldn't update. 

How they have worked out? 

So far well... I have 2 reviews. My older daughter's is amazing! We downloaded the Google App Market update with out any problems put all her favorite apps on there and she plays it non-stop! She uses the chore chart, and has even earned a few items such as special toys and food for her pets (an app). It's been an awesome tool for teaching and enteretaining. 

My younger daughter's (exactly the same Nabi) hasn't worked yet. We can't update it, the screen skips and we've had nothing but issues. She does enjoy the preloaded apps but can't do anything else on it. I contacted Nabi cares and although it took them nearly 2 weeks to get me the replacement paper work to exchange it they did get it to me! I mailed it back today so I hope to report that the new model is up and running next week sometime. I will post an update with that. 

So far I give the Nabi 2 an overall rating of 4 out of 5. They take a little getting use to switching between children's mode and parent mode, although it's fantastic when the kids are playing. I love the tons of controls, and yet when you hand it off the kids are totally free to do what they want and need to do on a tablet. 

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