Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top 10 Deals Online Today!

#10 - Half off your travel on Travolocity! If you'r planning any trips this year this is an AWESOME deal! CLICK HERE and get a $100.00 Travolocity gift card for $50.00! Some exclusions apply.

#9 - 2 Years of Parenting Magazine Plus FREE Recipe Book for $7.99! This is an incredible deal, about 6 months ago Parenting Magazine had Amazon Coupon Codes inside, this month they had Croc Coupon codes. Not only that there are some great articles to keep you as a parent going and your children happy! CLICK HERE to snag this deal!

#8 - Fandango Movie Tickets 50% off! Just $7.00 for 2 tickets (Up to $26.00 value) good on any theater  tickets purchased though! I love this deal, I got this last time it was available and spent them for opening night Pirates 4! The deal shows up as $12.50 for 2 tickets, however if this is your first purchase with BuyWithMe you'll get a one time $5.00 credit to spend on your first purchase! $7.00 is more than I pay for 1 ticket!!! Not only did it reserve our seats at the theater last time (which did sell out) but we got them for half price! GO HERE to snag this deal.

#7 - Random Geek T-Shirts from! My husband absolutely loves this site so I buy these random shirts every time they have them! $5.99 for a random shirt (all awesome shirts), last time I got a Princess Bride shirt, one from Tron and another one with a really funny saying on it. Not only are these designer shirts only $5.99 but if you spend $30.00 or more use the coupon code RING647 and get an additional $5.00 off your order (That's like getting one of the shirts for just .99cents!) CLICK HERE and get started... great presents!

#6 - Design A Handbag & Have it Custom Made Just FOR YOU! $58.00 worth of design and handbag customization for just $24.00... WAIT it get's better! Use the coupon code "sizzling" at check out and get another 30% off! That makes this deal just $18.00!!! GO HERE sign up, and get started, choose "EVERWHERE" as your location to see this deal. It really is AWESOME, fun, exciting, so.... exciting. I'm going to have to find shoes to match my handbag. I guess I should design it first. GET STARTED HERE.

(I have to say I have now spent about 45 minutes just designing purses it's so much fun! MUST CHECK THIS OUT) 

#5 - $7.00 for a $20.00 gift card to the FoodNetwork Shopping Site! WOO HOOO! GO HERE and choose "EVERYWHERE" as your location. Then you'll see the $10.00 offer for a $20.00 gift card, at check out use the coupon code "sizzling" and get this gift card for just $7.00! There are so many awesome things on here!

#4 - KidsKraft Play Set Submarine Reg. $129.00 now only $69.00! These are amazingly detailed, safe, and creative. Let kids explore, imagine and learn! SEE THIS and ALL THE OTHER Kid Kraft Play Sets On Sale HERE! 

#3 - Magic Wine Decanter as seen on TV, advertised in the mall and marked up to high heavens! These things cost an average of $55.00 depending no what sale you catch where, their actual retail value is $69.99! Are they worth it? YES!!!!!!!! But their even more worth it when you can pick one up for $9.99 on E-bay (Brand new I promise I got 3) and pay $10.50 shipping. Total: $20.49! That's a huge saving! Get them for gifts and really impress your friends, I DID!  Here's the link.

#2 - Free Brag Photobook from Walgreens! This is 100% Free if you pick it up in store, just create it online, order it and pick up when ready. No charge, period! GO HERE and Enter the code "brag" at check out!

#1 - $25.00 gift card to anyone of  hundreds of restaurants on for just $2.00 each! Josh and I always get this when they are this price and this is how we can afford to eat out! These are amazing! CLICK HERE and get started. Use the coupon code "summer" at check out!

For more great deals all day long check out HOMEMAKING EXPERT's Blog! And, as always:
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