Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rating The Black Friday Ads - Wal-Mart (In-Store)

Skip past the TVs, Barbies, and Hot Wheels this year... as you'll find them on sale lower at several other stores. But if you want to see what Wal-Mart did right, check out some of the incredible deals below! Wal-Mart is opening their doors at 10pm, although some sale prices still aren't valid until midnight you can load up your cart if you'd like because these sales are only good until they're gone.

If you don't see it on this list, then you'll probably find it better somewhere else! 
Remember ads are made to get you excited. 

Blue Ray Player! 

Keep in mind the ink is going to be more
than the printer! But it comes with the 
first cartage so go for it! 

Games! Be sure to check best buys ads
and compare titles since they are cheaper
at best buy. 

Movies and Blu Rays 
Again compare titles with Target and Best Buy! 

Great prices but I can't find ratings on the brand.

Games, and Bikes are great prices! 
Some bikes are cheaper at Toys R Us

These are Wal only! 
Great price on the train set! 

Great deal on Leap Frog! Not such a great deal 
on the Fisher Price Toys! Check 
Fisher Price's Webpage for better prices. 

The vanity set here is cheaper at least 3 other places! 

Awesome price! Not sure how 
great the towels are! 

Jeep brand! EPIC

If you want these get there early! 

Again Get There Early. 

Ignore the other cloths
as they aren't really sale prices But Grab These! 

Great price! 

If you want a trampoline it might be worth 
storing at this price! 

This is a great price but 
don't cry if you don't get there 
in time! This is on sale for the 
same price on Amazon! 

Awesome deal on the sewing machine
and the scrapbooking totes! 

stock up on these! 

Okay there's some epic deals! But just be careful to not get too excited over the rest of the ad, I'll be telling you where to go to get the best prices on everything this season!

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