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B is For Baby A Not So Expensive Little Bundle Of Joy

Does anyone else seem to notice that the smaller a human is the more they take up? The more time, more space, more stuff! And each item we add to their ensemble of tiny human utopia it's that much more of a ding on the budget. Not that it's not worth every last penny but let's be serious it sure would be nice if they were just a little cheaper! So here are your top 5 ideas on how to save on stuff for baby.

1. Except Hand-Me-Downs: 
You'd be surprised how many people I offered our crib to (used for about 6 months) before someone wanted it. Most people wanted to "buy all new stuff" for their little bundle of joy. Here's a tip except the hand-me-down necessities and spend your money to spoil them with fun stuff! There will be PLENTY of stuff you WANT to buy that if someone offers you a free ride on a few of the "have to haves" then take it! It will save you a ton, and you might be surprised how many people still have their baby stuff in the garage!

2. Try Second Hand Stores: 
Don't jump straight to Baby's R Us when you find out the gender. Often stores will mark baby items way up, it's like saying "wedding" instead of "party". Wedding items on average are 80% more expensive than party items for the same item. Baby items are always more so they can be marked down when they go "on sale". Thus just like driving a car off the lot for the first time and you know your new purchase just decreased by $2000.00 just because the wheels hit street, you can rest assured baby furniture does the same thing. The second a baby has slept in that crib, or bounced the first bounce in that bouncer the price just dropped in half.

Here is a list of used baby furniture stores to check out before deciding to flip a huge bill for all new stuff:

1. Kid's Closet
This is an online stores based in the UK but they often have designer clothing that is unavailable in the United States and incredibly cheep prices.

2. Thread Up!
This is also online and you order an entire box of clothing, toys, books etc at once. You can read what's in the box before hand and each box is sold by it's previous owner. This is such a fun program I use it every season to get a box of clothing for my kiddos at ridiculously cheep prices!

3. Buy Baby Buy
With store fronts in most states you can find used baby clothing, furniture, toys, and more at nearly half hte price of buying new. These items have already been cleaned up, touched up, and are ready to be put in the nursery.

4. USA Baby
Local stores around the United States sell used and new furniture at deep discounts. Again everything is nursery ready and they only take furniture from pet free, smoke free homes.

5. Ikea
I have to mention this one even though they aren't used. They often have great deals on furnature for the nursery that is brand new. If you're going to buy new put Ikea on the list of places to shop before making purchases.

6. Zearly
Is an online clothing consignment page. I purchased a gift certificate for Zearly from Mama Source (listed below) once and loved it! Since then I've been back several times. Right now their site is under construction but worth bookmarking for later use.

3. Shop Discount Children Sites 
There are tons of children's discount shopping sites to check out whenever you're looking for anything from maternity clothing and nursing bras, to child safety items to baby proof your home. These sites have been a life saver for me! I find about 60% of what I want for my kids on these types of sites so they are definitely wroth taking a look at. However, as with any deal shopping I always recommend you either look the same items up on Amazon or Target to get a good comparison as to what the item actually sales for and if it's truly a good deal or not.

3. Totsy Private Sales For Moms
4. Zulily Daily Deals For Mom's Babies and Kids
5. Target Children's Clearance
6. Mama Source
7. Baby Steals
8. Baby Half Off
9. Kids Steals
10. Mama Bargins

4. Clip The Coupons 
Places like Target, Babies R Us, even second hand stores such as Buy Baby Buy all offer coupons you can print online, or join their mailing lists and clip the coupons that come in the mail! I often get coupons from Babies R Us for furniture, formula and diapers. Plus don't forget to clip online coupons from laces like Amazon (See my entire article on how to use Amazon here). Coupons can save you tons! And if the store coupons aren't enough check out these newsletters you'll want to join for free formula and snack food coupons!

1. Pampers As They Grow Club
2. Enfamil Family Beginnings
3. Similac Moms
4. Gerber Stay Healthy Club
5. Publix Baby Club
6. Johnson's By Your Side
7. Parent's Choice Club
8. Beach Nuts Homestyle Club
9. Huggies Enjoy The Ride Club
10. Babies R Us Very Important Baby Club

There are plenty more if you find a brand you love look to see if they have a FREE CLUB. 

5. Register EVERYWHERE
Many websites will send you bargain coupons just for signing up for their e-mail such as The Melissa & Doug Email List and GET 10% Off Your Order At! However, even more will give you free items or even bigger discounts for registering with them! Target for example will give mom to be a huge bag of goodies for registering! Do it in store and you can pick up your bag on the spot. With diaper samples, and free Shutterfly photo books you're pretty set to go home and get excited about your baby. But the registrations don't stop with the baby shower, take your kids to register for their birthdays! They'll have a blast and you'll get coupons on the items they want! Toys R Us, Target, Select Mall Stores and are all good places to try this trick. Don't feel like you're cheating the store, they will know what you want coupons on and will be able to offer you good deals... so it's a win win! Registering at Toys and Babies R Us will get you points and products every time someone orders an item off the registry!

I hope these 5 tips help you find some great deals for your little one and yourself! Have more sites you love, feel free to post them below.

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  1. Re-use and Recycle - the world would be a lot less taxed if we all lived by this mantra... or by our need for new.


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