Friday, September 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Decore From Etsy

I am obsessed with Etsy right now! I am able to find so many wonderful decor  and gift ideas that are all handmade by other people who are working from home just like me! The idea of supporting someone else on such a personal level while getting such an amazing good deal (often half or less of what I'd pay for the same 'type' of item in a department store or boutique) is absolutely beyond exciting to me! So this entire post is shopping for Thanksgiving decor on Etsy! These are some of the fun items at great prices, and fantastic Treasuries (including one I made, and several by others) that are all about Thanksgiving right now! Enjoy the deals, ideas, and beautiful photography:

1. Oval Fall Wreath Thanksgiving Style $35.00 by: Theresa 
Go here to see this wreath (before it sales) and go here to see Theresa's shop. I found this wreath on the Treasury Creative Friends Promote and Replace.

2. Pumpkin Thanksgiving/Halloween Floral Centerpiece $69.95 by: Kristen Pine
Go here to see this centerpiece (before it sales) and go here to see Kristen Pine's shop. I found this centerpiece by browsing the fall decor however it is not on my Fall Treasury list here.

3. Concrete Leaf Candle Holder $34.00 by: JoJosArtisticDesign 
Go here to see this beautiful handmade leaf (before it sales) and go here to see JoJosArtisticDesign's shop. I found this while browsing leaves however it is now on my Fall Treasury list here.

4. Crotchet Pumpkins Set of Five $18.00 by: Svitlana 
Go here to see these handmade crotchet pumpkins (before they sell) and go here to see Svitlana's shop! I found these on the Treasury "not just a pumpkin" which you can view here. I can all but guarantee you if these were in Pier 1 they would be somewhere between $4.50 and $12.00 each.

5. Three Stack Wood Blocks Blessings, Family, Gatherings $10.95 by: Dawn Orgen 
Go here to see these hand-painted wood blocks (before they sell) and go here to see Dawn Orgen's shop! I found these searching for cute fall sayings they are now on my Treasury of Fall Decor. Again these would easily be in the $30.00 bracket if you were to find them somewhere like Stein Mart. 

I hope you enjoyed this... if you would like to see more Etsy posts of fun themed items I find on Etsy leave me a comment and let me know!