Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Unique vs. Cheep - Knowing is Saving Article

Many companies advertise something as 'unique' in order to mark up the price. When not all 'unique' items are really one of a kind. This is especially true on deal sites such as sneakpeeq and Although I love both deal sites and have found fantastic deals on them their jewelry is NOT unique. it is not one of a kind, and it is definitely not the only place you can find this type of jewelry. Here are a few examples of what is unique and what is cheep:

These agate slab necklaces were featured on sneakpeeq a few days ago for as much as $40.00 each as the sale price. There is a local rock shop by my house (Rockpick Legend Co.) that sells these exact necklaces for $10.00 each at regular price and has had sales on them for as low as $6.00. There are places on Etsy where these are sold for $14.00 regular price. So don't be fooled by the 'unique' title! They can say that because each slab is real stone and there-fore can't be duplicated. However, it's a far stretch of the word. 

It also makes it harder for real artists who poor their heart and soul into their jewelry to sale it as unique even when it truly is. Because the term has been so over used! 

Check out some of my favorite unique jewelry in my Pinterest bored of Awesome Jewelry here. And, keep in mind these pieces aren't some amazing fantastic super deal... when it comes to unique the deal is in having something only you will ever have.

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