Sunday, November 4, 2012

Amazon's Black Friday Countdown Deals

Amazon's Black Friday Countdown Deals
Amazon has expanded their Golden Box (daily deals) to celebrate the countdown of Black Friday! Last year this is where I got about 70% of the items I purchased for Christmas so from now til Black Friday I'll be posting the best of the best from this countdown! Here are the top three deals on there right now... 

1. 98 Movies on Blue Ray for 10 bucks or less!
Movie titles include Batman Begins, Batman Darknight, Terminator, Full Metal Jacket, Heat, Mortal Combat, Dr. Stranglove, Big Fish, Collateral Damage, A Knight's Tale, Tango & Cash, Swordfish, Get Smart, Sphere and tons and tons more! Go here to see the entire selection and enjoy the stocking stuffer's at this amazing price

2.  50 books at 60% to 90% off! 
American Again (Steven Colbert), Bruce, The Onion Book of Known Knowledge, I Could Pee On This: and Other Poems By Cats, Darth Vader and Son, Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power, The Age of Miracles: A Novel... and many many more. Go here to see the entire selection of books currently in the Black Friday countdown deals.

3. Buy 2 Hasbro Games (Which Are Already On Sale) Get One FREE!  
Games includes Janga, Game of Life, Hungry Hippos, Elefun, Boggle, Trivial Pursuit Masters Edition, and more! Most of the common favorites are there as well as a few unusual Hasbro games. These games are an average of about 16% off the shelf price in addition to the buy 2 get 1 free. Go here to see the entire selection, add all three games to your cart and discount will be taken at checkout.