Monday, November 26, 2012

European Style Beads & Bangles For As Little As $1.15 Per Bead!

European Bracelet Beads & Bangles 

Go here to see the colors & styles available. All beads and bangles 20% off the marked price through Wednesday November 28th, 2012. 

European Bracelet/Bangle Beads For $1.15 Each! These are not the cheep plastic department store beads, these are actual crystal, and hand-blown glass with the metal centers to protect your bracelets and beads!

European Bracelet/Bangle Beads For $2.25 Each! Each of these beads is hand-cut stone with a metal center! There are several different stones to choose from and each is unique! I love these! Plus check out the bangles below for just $5.00 each! You could put together some stunning bangles for holiday gifts here!

European Bangles just $5.00 each! The decorative metal balls on the end unscrew so that you can design your own bangle using the beads above plus the other's on this site (or any other European bangle/bracelet bead). You really wont' find these for a better price plus right now all of these beads and the entire stock of jewelry on this site is 20% off (through Wednesday their offer says)! 20% off discount taken at check-out I just tried this out and I could see it as soon as I added items to my shopping cart. Go here to shop!

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