Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hot Dots Sale on Zulily Plus Free Shipping & $5.00 Off Offers

As promised I am posting all the deals that I purchase... and only the deals I purchase! So here is a deal I grabbed for my 4 year old. I know she has a Leappad already but I thought this would be an awesome game to play together when we're having quite games!

It's called Hot Dots and I've seen it around a few different places recently but Zulily had it on sale tonight with all the extra card sets on sale as well!

Sale Notes: Here are the few I got. If you spend $50.00 or more you can use coupon code '   ' to take $5.00 off, and when you pay the standard $7.95 shipping and handling (on your entire order) you'll receive free shipping on all orders placed through Sunday night (which pressures you to come back but sometimes it's really worth it). Type in "hot dots" into the search bar to find everything they have left!

My Purchase: 

Hot Dots Wand/Pen - $7.99 (regularly $11.00) 

Hot Dots Card Kit - Getting Ready For School $24.99 (regularly $40.00)

Hot Dots Card Kit - Alphabet Hot Dots Jr. $9.99 (regularly $15.00) 

Hot Dots Card Kit - Patterns & Sequencing Jr. $9.99 (regularly $15.00) 

That made my purchase $52.96 take off an additional $5.00. Add on $7.95 for shipping and handling and the grand total is: $50.01. And, if they do end up having anything else I must have I won't pay shipping, so that's not a great deal but it's a bonus.