Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Long Term Savings Project - I Can Save Article

Did you think about the long term vs. short term savings article from last time? I hope so! If not I did... and I made a list of things I thought I could do. Some of them are small, some are short term some are long. I'll post the entire list for you later tonight!

In the mean time one of my projects was home photography. Okay I have little kids. I take them for pictures about every 3-6 months (yep they change that fast). We spend about $100 to $200 each time we go. I even have a membership so I don't have to pay a sitting fee. But I either get the CD or a ton of prints for all the grandparents etc. And, I can't go and not get prints sorry. SO... my wonderful husband bought me a home studio set from Amazon Photography Stuido and I have made it a goal to take all our family photos at home this year!

I am printing them using the coupons and freebies I find. And, even paying for some prints on Snapfish or Shuttefly. Here's what I have done this year so far (thanks to my little brother for snapping a few of all of us together):

Total photography bill for family photos including Christmas cards, and new 11x13 prints (four of them that hang in a frame in our house): $38.00

Total Valentine's photos bill including cards, and prints for the grandparents: $5.00.

I figure I've already saved somewhere between $157 and $357. And, guess what??? I LOVE THE PHOTOS! Since we have Inara's 3rd birthday coming up in March (something I always get photos for) I figure that will be yet another shoot this year I'm saving on! There are lots of photos I didn't include here but I figured this was enough to get the idea! Yes I love photography and have done it for a long time. So this is something I could do! What is something you're starting with?