Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Disney - A to Z Freebies

There are always Disney Freebies but the two floating around right now are the Free Call from a Disney Character, and the Free Disney Travel DVD and planning guide. However, I have to throw out one other Disney money saving monster I had no idea was out there until recently. Did you know Disney will replace all your old Disney DVD's if they get damaged? Once a year per DVD you can send them back with a letter telling them what happened and they will send you a new one for free! So here's my Disney Freebies post...

1. Disney Call From A Character
Join Disney Movie Rewards (no you don't have any commitment to buy movies) in order to get your call. Once you sign up you will get an e-mail with in 24 for 48 hours with special offers one of them will have a coupon code to get a free Character call! You can go into Member Benefits and get your free call... just let them know a little about the child and set up a good time.

2. Disney Travel DVD and Panning Guide
If you are planning a Disney Vacation such as Disney World, Disneyland, or a Disney Cruise grab this free Disney Travel Planning Guide and DVD! My kids got very excited about our upcoming Disneyland Vacation after watching this, and it was helpful to see what toddlers could do in the park! No shipping cost and there is no credit card required.

3. Get Your Damaged Disney DVD's Replaced For Free!
Now how to get all your old DVD's replaced! Again you'll need to sing up for Disney Movie Rewards don't worry there's no commitment only benefits! Disney only charges $6.95 shipping and handling to replace your scratched or broken DVDs. Here is the page with the information and address to send your old DVD's back to! I don't know about you but this information saved me a ton of money on replacing my Incredibles, Monster's Inc and Cinderella DVDs!


  1. Great theme!

    Do you think they will replace old VHS tapes with DVD's?

    Good luck with the a to z challenge!

  2. That phone call would have been so cool when my daughter was little.


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