Wednesday, October 16, 2013

101 Pieces of Jewelry For Less Than $5.00 on Amazon - Including Shipping! Part #8 of 10

This is the second of 10 posts each highlighting 10 pieces of jewelry currently on Amazon that are under $5.00 WITH shipping! What a great way to expand your jewelry collection or get a start on holiday shopping! (See the first post here) Enjoy.... 

29 - Angel Wings with Faux Diamond Ring Trendy Design $0.99 + $0.20 Shipping = $1.19 Total!

28 - Imitation Black Agate Classic Design in Silver Ring $0.99 + $0.20 Shipping = $1.19 Total! 

27 - Flocking Wallpaper Crystla Gold Plated Ring with Multiple Rhinestones $2.99 + $0.20 Shipping =  $3.19 Total! 

26 - Cyrstal and Gold Color Bunny Rabbit Earrings $1.29 + $0.20 Shipping = $1.49 Total! 

25 - Retro Style Mustache and Earrings Set for Just $0.99 and FREE SHIPPING! That's a pendant on chain, and pair of earrings for less than a buck! 

24 - Fuax Blue Topaz Adjustable Ring in Silver Color Size 17 $0.38 and Free Shipping! This is large to wear although it is adjustable, however, I have in the past taken these larger rings and put them on a chain making them a stunning pendant! 

23 - My Heart Cute Couple Keychain Set $0.78 and FREE SHIPPING! Great Valentine's Gift Idea! 

22 - Solid Metalic Silver Iced Infinity Earrings (Stud Style Earring) $0.95 + $3.95 Shipping = $4.90 Total! 

21 - Ladies Black and Gold Spike Adjustable Macrame Lace Bracelet $0.05 + $3.95 = $4.00 Total! 

20 - Pink and Paved Heart within Heart Including Multiple Gemstone CZ Black Laced Shamballa Bracelet $0.01 + $3.99 Shipping = $4.99 Total! 

Please note that prices on Amazon change regularly and some deals may not be availible for very long. 

Check back tomorrow for the next 10 pieces of jewelry on Amazon under $5.00 with shipping! These are great holiday gift ideas, a wonderful chance to expand your own personal jewelry collection, or a great budget saving way to suprise someone special! 

Disclaimer: This post as all the posts on Daily Deal Watch my contain affiliate links. This is how i sponsor my blog and am able to contniue blogging. Thank you for using the links on this blog. 

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