Thursday, October 10, 2013

Only Half Alive Book Review & Giveaway

Only Half Alive Book Review & Giveaway! 

I have a very special announcement... My sister is officially a published author! Now as a big sister I am proud of her regardless of what she publishes, BUT this is much much more than that. HER Book ROCKS!

Honestly I read it the first time (an unpublished, unfinished version) and I was shocked... I read it thinking "my little sister wrote this?" and I read it entirely from the standpoint of a very proud big sister. The thought process behind making a coherant story... behind making suspense, twist of plots, and character development.... I was amazed she did all that.

Well last night I finished reading it for the second time. This time as a very interested, very excited fan! *FAN GIRL MOMENT*. I love the story about a young girl who is a little more than she seems, okay you caught me she's a lot more, in fact she is the only demon left on earth. Demon being a title not an attitude... In fact she's not all evil by a long shot. Christina has a great heart and a drive to do more, and even wants to be a little bit more normal. Christina makes a friend, Finn, who helps her discover she's more normal than she thinks... and there's a lot more to being herself than she had ever considered possible. Christina finds normal fears, hopes, and desires, through the eye's of being a demon, and even falls in love! ...... Nope that's it I"m not giving you anymore... you have to read it! I will tell you the book is extremely clean, and a great read for young adults, and teens. I am using it as a gift for several family members this year for Christmas.

So here's the deal I bought 5 copies from her off Amazon which you can purchase here...

BUT you can also win a copy by completing the tasks in the Rafflecopter below. I will select one winner on the 20th of October and mail out your copy of the book!


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