Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LeapPad 2 Review & Sale

LeapPad 2 My Children's Favorite Electronic 
Now On Sale for $59.00 & FREE SHIPPING

We are an electronic family, we have iPads, Kindles, PSP (Play station personal) gameing systems, a Wii, an XBox, an Amazon Fire TV, Nintendo 3DS, Nabi's and more... however, the favorite electronic in the entire house for the little ones (4 years old and 6 years old) by far are their LeapPads! We got the origional LeapPad 1 when they first came out and used them for over 2 years. Then we upgraded one year because our daughter wanted the Disney special edition LeapPad 2 and they did have more features. Both girls have now been using the LeapPad system for 3 years. Our younger daughter started using hers at just over 1 year old to listen to the ABC's and play the most basic games. 

They provide hours of entertainment, read-along and learning education, and lots of stories, songs, movement! We have downloaded games onto each LeapPad from the website so that there are not cartridges to loose or damage. HOWEVER, the cartridges we have pruchased for the are AMAZING! I have one cartridge Pet Pals 2 which has been in a sand box, gone through the washer, and been driven over accidently (NO I AM NOT JOKING) and it still works! We have not ever had to repalce a cartridge game, although for the ease of use I still like to download most games. LeapFrog also has great sales on the online games regularly! 

Both girls love to use the camera features on their LeapPads to take photos, edit photos, and download them onto the computer to print and make stories. We have also printed the art they have made on their LeapPads and the grandparents love that. 

Overall LeapPad has a 5 out of 5 Stars! We have never had to contact their customer service as their website is extremely easy to use and the leappads have never had any issues (other than the kids loosing the battery covers, which we found replacements for on e-bay). 

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links to help fund the production of this blog. The oppinions and reviews presented are completely mine. I have not been compensated by LeapFrog for this review. Any money made from this blog post is from affiliate link clicks. 

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