Monday, November 3, 2014

US Traveler Rio Review & Sale

We paid $110.00 per US Traveler Rio set 

and right now they are on sale for $45 to $50 per set!!! 


We got 4 sets of the US Traveler Rio luggage sets last year when we traveled to Disneyland for the first time. We have had them for just over a year and have used them on 4 flights, and 3 road trips. They look great, have held up to toddlers traveling, and the shoulder bags are the perfect size for carrying on! Both bags in this set can be carried onto the plane however, we checked the larger ones and let the kids carry on the shoulder bags.

The shoulder bag held a small blanket rolled, a LeapPad tablet (see reivew here), a Nintendo 3DS (see review here), coloring books, crayons, magic bands, character books, and on the way home we had room for suvineers.

BONUS: The fabric these bags are made out of even made it easy to iron on patches from our travels!

Disclaimer: this post has affiliate links, however the oppinions and review are true and are entirely my own oppinion. Yes I really do own these bags, and I only review items I own and have used. I did not get compensated by US Traveler Rio for this review. 

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