Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daily Top 10 On Deal Watch

#10 - Gymboree is having their Semi-Annual Sale! Not only do they have a huge selection of baby, toddler, and children's cloths for up to 70% off but for every $50.00 you spend you earn $25.00 in gym bucks which you can use later! If used wisely these sales make designer clothing for children cheaper then shopping at Wal-Mart! SEE THE SALE HERE!

#9 - Ceramic Working Tools 50% off at this week, during their moving sale! If you do any sort of clay or ceramic work these are unbeatable prices! CHECK IT OUT!

#8 - $20.00 Old Navy Gift Card for $10.00!!! Old Navy at half off! This is only valid in stores but is good nation wide! GO HERE to get your gift card. Remember they can take 48 hours to populate once you've purchased and these gift cards expire on Jul 30th.

#7 - 10" Netbook with USB port and Google Android 2.1v Operating system regularly $499.99 today only (and you must get this deal before 10pm MST) $89.99!!!! This is on they do not usually run out of something but they have so I'd hurry on this one! CLICK HERE to check it out!

#6 - Here's another 1SaleADay deal I just had to share! Stainless Steel Bowl Set for just $4.99 regularly $24.99! These look great for serving or you can use them with the Airtight lids to put left overs away!

#5 - Diapers Direct has another great deal on Groupon today! GO HERE and Choose Gainsville, FL as your city/state you can get a $50.00 gift card for Daipers Direct for just $25.00. If this is your first purchase from Groupon they will give you $10.00 to instantly use towards your purchase making this just $15.00! Diapers Direct already has amazingly discounted prices so this gift card is a double bonus! 

#4 - Michael Todd Black Tea Calming Complex Serum regularly $63.00 on sale today only for $19.00 and FREE SHIPPING! If you've ever used this you know it's worth every cent at full price this deal will make great gifts for all my girlfriends for Christmas! CLICK HERE and get this before they are out! 

#3 - Shape Up Sneakers! This actually work I use them to walk on my treadmill and while out and about with my kids! They are awesome I paid $63.00 for mine and thought I got a good deal, this are regularly $80.00 and NoMoreRack has them today for just $24.00!!! CLICK HERE before sizes start to run out! 

#2 - Trumpette is being featured in BeyondTheRack's major blow out today! CLICK here and see hundreds of children's socks in designer styles and large lots for under $12.00 per package! These make great baby gifts, birthday gifts, or even save them for Christmas, some are as much as $6.00 a pair if you buy them in stores! CLICK HERE and you can get $10.00 off your first purchase making one of these packages just .99 cents! 

#1 - 20 Page Hardbound costume photobook from Photobin Regularly $34.99 today only though Gaggle of Chicks for just $10.00!!! That's a huge savings and a great gift, or just an awesome way to catch up on scrap-booking  CLICK HERE to get this deal!  

For more great deals all day long check out HOMEMAKING EXPERT's Blog! And, as always: Hope you check back tomorrow afternoon to find 10 new and exciting deals selected for people like you! 
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  1. Thanks for the shout out!! I was bummed that the toner sneakers were sold out. I'm thinking of getting the Reebok toner flip flops from Amazon. :)


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