Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Nook The Free Reader App

Many of us have heard of the Kindle but have you heard of Barns & Noble's competing product called the Nook? Well you don't need to run out and buy the tablet to have all the benefits. Reading books from your phone or computer has never been easier and you can still share and lend with your friends! Just download the FREE Nook app right of their website (or in the app market on both Android and Apple) and then sign in. You will need to make a Barns & Noble account but you don't need a credit card, membership, or to pay for anything.

After you're signed in use Facebook, or e-mail addresses to add any and all of your friends who use Nook. If they don't use it yet, get them using it. Then start downloading... STOP I know what your thinking. This is where you have to start paying right???? WRONG!

Barns & Noble have hundreds if not thousands of FREE books you can download! children's books, classics, magazines, newspapers, Informational books & tutorials, self help books, romance novels, mysteries and more! Plus if you have friends who are purchasing books on their Nooks you can "borrow" them. Just request your friends books, and they can lend them to you out of their online library.

Of course you can buy online books, but check out the weekly deal bin of online downloads, and make sure you search for it for free before purchasing it (they often have more than one cover of the same book). What you download onto your reader on your phone, you can see on yoru computer, iPad, and tablet. My husband uses Nook to read most of his books but he doesn't own the tablet called NOOK we just use the program. I have a Nook Tablet and we share books regularly. If I had known I could use it all for free I may have skipped the Tablet and just read them on my computer. Now my children and I read books regularly on my Netbook as well as my Nook Tablet.

Hope you enjoyed the information, and here's to finding another way to read for FREE! 

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