Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top 10 Deals Online Today!

#10 - Here's an awesome bar blue LED watch for dad Retails for $139.99 and you can find it HERE for just $18.99! Ships for $3.99. This is an awesome gift or if you know someone who's techy that just needs a new watch. I know several people who would love these!

#9 -Paci Plushies just $6.99 after a 50% savings using the coupon code "paci"! Give your child a friend that will also keep track of their pacifier! In addition some of the models such as this adorable lamb have all the proceeds donated to child cancer research! These are prefect for baby shower gifts!!! Go here and don't forget to use the coupon code "paci"

#8 - Toothpaste tube squeezers! Don't waste a drop and don't let the kids make a mess! Get 2 squeezers for FREE! Just click here and order your set! You can order up to 3 sets and just pay shipping!

# 7 - Guitar Hero Aerosmith for PS3 Regularly $29.99 find it HERE for just $5.00! Yep $5.00! There's a $3.50 shipping charge and it is in used condition but says it works great! I get a lot of my husbands games online from deals like this, saves us hundreds he get an impressive collection of games, and let's face it, the game is going to get used!

#6 - Vibrum Toe Shoes Retailing for $98.99 now $34.94 MORE THAN HALF OFF! These are so popular, and my husband swears by his that for this price I went ahead and bought a pair! Go Here To see Them! They have most of the colors, just beware you'll have to know your shoe size in the EU sizes. Here's a conversion chart to help you!
#5 - Telluriam Baby Lotions Half OFF! Telluriam is one of the most trusted softed, and safest soaps for babies, and adults alike. With  no formaldehyde, no parabens ,no sulfates, gluten Free, no 1,4 dioxane, pH balanced, no propylene glycol. Starting at just $5.50 these are a steal of a deal! CLICK HERE and sag a few for baby and for you! 

#4 - Crocodile Creek Balls 7" Outdoor balls for kids just $3.25 Regularly $7.00 each! Balls are already a huge learning tool for kids, but add on the colorful pictures and pop quiz lettering! You can teach all sorts of things! Have fun and learn and the same time CLICK HERE and see the entire line of balls on sale! The 5" are only $2.60!

#3 - $40.00 worth of adhesive use and re-use wall art for children's rooms, play areas, and learning rooms for just $20.00! These are a great way for kids to decorate as they are safe on the paint and can be swapped out with out making re-decorating a weekend makeover for mom and dad! CLICK HERE to check this deal out!

#2 - Covered sandbox regularly $133.00 on sale for just $49.99! What a great way to let you kids play outside all summer! CHECK THIS OUT!

#1 - Children's Dress Shoes. Dress him like a gentleman in these stylish black shoes. Great for special occasions, holidays, and his Sunday best. Man-made Upper, Rubber Sole, Lined, Lace-up closure Retail $19.99 on Sale for $8.00. There are tons of little boy, and little girls shoes in this Totsy Blowout! CLICK HERE and browse the entire selection. Choose "Shoe Blowout"

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