Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 10 Deals Online: 100% As Seen On TV

Have you ever noticed that "as seen on TV" only seems like a good deal until you actually go to hand out your credit card information? Then the processing fees, shipping and handling on top of the processing all start to add up? Don't fall into that "we'll double it for free just pay separate shipping and handling" gimmick it's not free! Instead look for those items that you'd actually like to try at trusted retailers, or even try E-Bay to pay a flat reasonable amount.

#10 - Ab Circle Pro $149.99 at Bed Bath And Beyond! Here's a perfect example of what I"m talking about the TV ad shows this Ab Circle for just $199.99 keep it for 30 days and send it back if you don't like it. So this isn't a huge savings right? well that's until you add the $39.99 shipping and handling, plus the $14.95 processing fees for not paying for it upfront and if you do send it back, you pay the return shipping.... I'd op to just pick it up at your local Bed Bath and Beyond or grab it on their website here.

#9 - Topsy Turvy The Tomato Wonder $4.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond! On TV these were advertised as "$19.99 BUT WAIT, We'll Double Your Offer For FREE! Just pay separate shipping and handling." The total shipping you'd pay on 2? $18.99! That's $38.98 for two of them. On Bed Bath & Beyond you can grab 2 and with shipping you're only at $9.98

#8 - Perfect Brownie Pan Set $9.37 and FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime! Okay I'm totally guilty I like the edge pieces... I want one! But as much as I want on the total you'd pay through the TV ad would have been $38.99 with a few extras... oh wait... their included though the Amazon offer! Don't get fooled by the pictures they show you this box set has everything they were offering on TV!

#7 - 2 Pack - Snuggie With Book Light (2 Snuggies, 2 Lights) just $9.99 and $4.99 shipping vs. the $39.98 and $9.99 shipping! The TV ad would have robbed you blind on this one! Over paying by $35.00!!! This deal is featured on 13 deals a day. com! They always have great items that were featured on the "as seen on tv" ads! 

#6 - Baby Bullet $59.99 and 0.97 Cent Shipping at WalMart! Remember this little jewel from TV? It was $99.99 and $14.99 shipping. Not too bad for replacing Gerber baby food, I wanted one, but since I couldn't afford it at the time I ended up finding a Magic Bullet on clearance and using that. This is still an adorable baby item! 

#5 - Side Sleeper Pro Perfect Pillow - Set of 2 Just $19.99! (Click Here TO See The Video) Seen on TV at $59.99 and $9.99 Shipping, find them right here for $19.99 and $4.99 shipping! Get a better nights sleep knowing you have $45.00 more in your pocket! 

#4 - Gardener's Choice Giant Tree Tomato + 6 Pre-Seeded Pots! Just $5.99 and FREE SHIPPING! What would this have been on TV? Well it depends on which ad you caught... anywhere from $24.99 to $60.00 for 2! Grab it now on Ben's Outlet and skip the extra fees. Advertising on TV is expensive and you better believe those companies are not eating that expense... you are! 

#3 - Shed Ender - The Quick and East Way to Deal With Shedding Pets! Just $2.99 and FREE SHIPPING! Vs. The $19.99 it's advertised on TV For! Still works just as good even if you only pay 10% of the advertised price! 

#2 - Neck Genie Neck Line Slimmer Just $6.62 and FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime! The TV deal here was 2 of them for $14.99 and another $12.99 shipping and handling but let's face it realistically you only need one to get rid of the double chin right? 

#1 - Allstar Marketing BT011106 Big top Cupcake $7.47 and FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime or a $25.00 eligible purchase. These were $29.99 on  TV. These really do look like a lot of fun for birthdays, or even a circus themed party! 

And there it is #5 on our count down to the top 10 things you should never pay full price for! I hope you're enjoying this series, what have you found that you won't pay full price for? 

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