Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top 10 Deals Online: 100% Video Games!

#10 - Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360) Just $19.00 and Free Amazon Prime Shipping! Found on Amazon. 

#9 - Disney's Pirates of The Caribbean 3 on XBOX 360 Just $9.99 NEW! Regularly $59.99! Found this sweet deal hiding in the Toys R Us clearance section! 

#8 - Gold of War: Origins Collection Just $24.99 Regularly $39.99! Save $15.00 on this collection found at Best Buy! 

#7 - Disney's Tangled Wii Regularly $39.99 Now Just $19.99! Save $20.00 OFF this video game! This deal is offered through, Discover Your Entertainment! PLUS $0.96 s&h when you use the coupon code "OCTOBERFEST"

#6 - Rune Factor Frontier For Wii Just $19.99 and FREE AMAZON PRIME SHIPPING!  This deal is found on! If you are not an Amazon Prime member try it for free at check out! 

#5 - Medal of Honor: Limited Edition - USED XBox Edition $9.19. This deal comes from, Discover Your Entertainment. PLUS $0.96 s&h when you use the coupon code "OCTOBERFEST"

#4 - Wanted: Weapons of Fate for PC Just $19.99 Regularly $49.99 Found in the Toys R Us Video Game Clarence Center! 

#3 - LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition PS3 New Sealed $15.49 Regularly $49.99! Found on E-bay! 

#2 - Shaun White Skateboarding for Wii or PS3 for $4.96 + $0.96 s&h when you use the coupon code "OCTOBERFEST", Xbox 360 for $10! This deal comes from, Discover Your Entertainment.

#1 - EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp (Wii) Regularly $19.87 Now Just $10.00 at, get it delivered to your nearest store and save yourself the shipping! 

Although there is not a single good place to look for discounted video games, here are a few good places to start.  

* Amazon's Video Game Sale Page
* Toys R Us Video Game Clarence (they even carry mature games) 
* goHastings Video Games
* GameFly's Bargain Bin 
* Game Stop's Price Drop Sections (You have to check these for each video game platform they don't have them all together). 
* Wal-Mart's Rollback Section in Video games
* Target Online (again you have to check each platform for sales) 
* Game Du Jour (they sell one game everyday for a heavy discount, it's a 24 hour sale sight) 
* And As Always Check Back Here! 

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