Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 10 Deals Online: 100% Jewelry! Part of the 10 things you should never pay full price for!

Jewelry has an average of 50 to 500 time make up. In fact many of the gemstones you're paying for is the run off from making industrial equipment. For this reason NEVER pay full jewelry store retail for any jewelry! You can always find it discounted! Here are a few pieces as examples, and scroll all the way down to the bottom for a list of good places to look for discounted jewelry anytime!

#10 - Tanzanite Flower Sterling Silver Ring, Pendant or Earrings Retail price is $379.00 On Shadora for $24.99 and FREE SHIPPING

#9 - Sterling Silver Dramatic Ring - Size 7 In Blue Topaz $250.00$139.99 in the Rule In Jules Event on Beyond The Rack. Make sure to check sites like Beyond The Rack and Modique for new jewelry events every few days! 

#8 - DYRBERG/KERN OF DENMARK Stainless Steel Unisex Bracelet Retails for $119.00 sales for only $19.00 in the Exclusive Brand name jewelry under $50.00 Event on Modnique. Jewelry sales can be found on ANY type of jewelry! 
#7 - Tungsten rings sale for anywhere from $45.00 to Several hundred Dollars, however you can find discount jewelry stores online That don't have to pay the overhead of the mall store fronts to sell their goods. One of these is 88Beads.com where men's Tungsten rings for as little as $5.00

#6 - Some places such as Sterling silver club will offer FREE JEWELRY when you pay shipping. WHY? Because it's how they advertise! Rather than spending thousands on Free-way signs, TV & Radio Ads, etc. they just give the people who want to do Business with them a reason to. you can pick up some amazing jewelry for very very little... try $6.99 LITTLE.

#5 - Go for the hand made! Jewelry stores like to advertise how their jewelry is one of a kind but let's face it... if you're buying from a big Business they have at least a dozen copies of your stunning new purchase Beneath the counter to replace you'rs as soon as you leave... but Hand made you'll save money and get something Truly unique! This Rose Quartz in sterling silver is just $153.00 at erockshop, Compared to a similar style piece I saw in the mall for $899.99! 

#4 - GENUINE DIAMOND PENDANT NECKLACE IN SOLID STERLING SILVER Just $19.00 and free shipping! Make sure you check the daily deal sites specific to jewelry like this one called diamond shark! 

#3 - Go straight to the clearance section! Skip falling in love with someone that's still full price, since you can always find "another one you love" go straight to the clearance section and fall in love with an item like this stunning muliti color created Sapphire ring for just $282.99 Originally $709.00 at Jc penny
#2 - Search for Anniversary, or Mother instead of "wedding" when I searched for anniversary rings, I found this 

18k White Gold EP Brilliant Crystal Anniversary Ring for just $12.95 and FREE SHIPPING vs. a similar setting in white gold with a Diamondite stone (still not real diamond) for $399.99! That's a huge difference! 

#1 - 

1 Carat Three Stone Diamond Ring in 10K White Gold! Here's another insane deal from a daily deal site called 1saleaday. This ring retails for $1899.99 on sale until 11:59pm EST for just $479.99! These sales come around all the time, so be paitent if you know what you want to get, give yourself a window of 3 months to find it at the ideal price! Being in a rush is a salesmen's best friend!  

Things To Know About Jewelry Shopping: 

Don't get fouled & Don't Pay Extra For a name
*Named diamonds are often fakes given a name so they can be legally sold as "diamonds". Some are very expensive marking Gimmicks either way it's not a good deal! (the leo diamonds started this trend, which are real diamonds marked up nearly 500 times because they belong to a marketed collection.) 
* Diamoniques, CZs, anything labeled "Syn" and other symbols mark man made "look a-likes" These are usually glass, or synthetic diamonds, diamonds grown in a lab.
* Sterling silver is not pure silver, it's the "type" of silver most Commonly used in jewelry. Boli Silver, Tibet silver, etc. are all terms used to name silver mixed with other metals to water it down, give it a different look or keep it from tarnishing. 
* Gold plated, and gold filled are the same thing. One means gold laid over another material, gold filled means it's gold on the outside with another metal on the inside or as a (filling). 

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