Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top 10 Goofy, Just For Fun, Crazy, Silly Deals Online! Including the Mel Brooks Blu-Ray Collections, An Alen Bobblehead, Wine Woozies, Silly Soul Body Suits and more!

Ever just have a goofy day? Well I'm having a goofy day today, so here are some fun, wacky, goofy, crazy deals! ENJOY! Leave me a comment and let me know what you'd like to see a deal on, or what your favorite deal was today! Thanks - Adrienne

#10 - $30.00 Gift Card For Only $15.00 To Spend on Woozie Keep Wine Glasses Chilled & Stylish! These are so wacky and fun! I just love them. 

#9 - Alan (The Hangover) Talking Bobblehead Just $12.49 Plus $4.99 Shipping. Under $20.00 and the ideal gift for anyone in your wolf packCelebrate the breakout comedy film of 2009 with these outrageous talking bobble heads. Some guys just can't handle Vegas and Phil, Stu and Alan are definitely those guys. This hilarious Alan with Baby bobble head speaks the following phrases (subject to change): - "Not at the table, Carlos." - (singing) "And we're the three best friends that anybody could ever have." - "You guys might not know this but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one man wolf pack."

#8 - Silly Souls One Piece Body Suits Just $6.50! Normally $15.99, plus FREE SHIPPING on your first Totsy Order! PLUS use coupon code BACK2SCHOOL for 20% offKeep things lighthearted, fun and a little bit cheeky with Silly Souls apparel. This line of bodysuits, t-shirts, beanies and bibs features hilarious expressions that inspire laughter and celebrate every day. Perfect for mini rock stars, big siblings, little dudes and dancing queens! Fits boys and girls, newborn, infant and toddler sizes.

#7 - Sokkiez Just $8.99 Each!!! Straight from the Netherlands, Sokkiez are socks of every type and style—but with loads of personality. Each of the socks has their own story and they band together to have all sorts of silly fun and original adventures. Bring a Sokkiez into your own home so your little one can join in the entertainment and excitement.

#6 - Express yourself and your unique, whimsical fashion sense from head to toe with these unique animal hats! Just $15.99 Each for Men and Women Normally $35.00! 

#5 - Leopard Print Earring Hoops in various colors! Just $4.00 Per Pair, Retails for $19.99! Now there's a way to catch someone's eye! Check these out on No More A Rack. 

#4 - World's Smallest Wireless Hi-Res Spy Cam With 600-Foot Line of Sight Range & 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver! HS203C Retails for $239.99 ON SALE FOR $29.99 and FREE SHIPPING! I don't want to know what you're planing to do with this, especially if you live anywhere near but, but enjoy it anyway okay? 

#3 - Plunge Rubber Suction-Cup Kickstand With Wood Handle for iPhone, iPod and other Devices! I dont think anymore needs to be said... it's a goofy day!

#2 - Lava Lite Traffic Light $11.98 on ToysRus Clearance! Normally $19.99! Plus with any ToysRUs purchase over $75.00 get free shipping. They advertise this for Tweens and Teens but it looks like a great party light to me! Lava Lite Traffic Light is the perfect novelty light for any room. It can brighten up any party and add energy to any party atmosphere. This conversation piece is ideal for teen bedrooms or college dorm rooms. 

#1 - And if nothing in here made you smile... try thisThe Mel Brooks Collection [Blu-ray] Just $42.99 down from $99.99 on Amazon, hiding in the Gold Box today! This box set includes: Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, History of The World Part 1, Robin Hood Men in Tights, To Be or Not To Be, Silent Movie, and 12 Chairs! 

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