Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rating The Black Friday Ads - Bestbuy

Don't be fooled not all Black Friday Ads are what their cracked up to be! In fact most places put a few major things on sale, and then hope you'll spend money on items that only "look good" rather than being a good deal! It's easy to get over excited about shopping for Christmas, especially when the stores are packed and there's an hour wait just to check out. So to help out I'm leaking some Black Friday Ads and I've cut out only the best deals. if these deals are worth fighting the crowds at the store of choice to you... HIT THAT. Otherwise skip this store and move on.

Best Buy Black Friday Ad. 
Honestly disappointing. Usually I hit Best Buy on Black Friday but this year might be an exception. Most things in their ads are cheaper online at places like Kohl's,, and Tiger Direct. Here's the major highlights worth stopping in for though!

These same Cake pop and Donuts Makers on are around $50.00 to $60.00 right now, 
Bed Bath and Beyond had them for $49.99 each. So this is a great steal! 

Movies for .99 cents, and Blu Rays for $4.99! Yes please! 
Just look before you go and see if there are any tittles you want,
otherwise it's a lot of frustration for not much. 

Here's their big call to fame this year! The prices on their video games
are unbeatable so far! Again check titles but if I brave a trip at 5am 
it will be for these! 

This is Sony's new DSLR it's literally changing the SLR market at the moment
made with cell phone technology so it's super light
easy to carry and thin. It rivals most of the cameras in the $3500 to $5000 dollar range! 
If you want an SLR for Christmas be there early, and grab some 
hot chocolate on your way... this isn't a deal
I'm finding anywhere else! 

(PS I personally own this camera and give it a 5 star rating!) 

There are your best buy finds! Feel free to pass along this post, but if you copy and paste please give me credit! 

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