Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rating The Black Friday Ads - Target

The movie titles on sale (at least in their ad) are limited. The kitchen supplies, sheets and blankets are cheaper at Wal-Mart. Skip the Kitchen Aid as it's normally that price on and will be cheaper at Kohl's, the Christmas trees you can grab at Michale's with a 40% off coupon and a 20% off purchase for less. But if Target wasn't on your list for toys, the Xbox Kinex, and more... add it! This ad has some INANE DEALS! 

Best Deal on The XBox So Far. $139.99, comes with a controller. 
It sounds dumb to say it comes with a controller but watch
some of the ads closely, some of them do not! 

This is an epic deal if you want to pick up a netbook in-store! 
HOWEVER having said that, I've posted a dozen of 
these this month for less! 

Xbox Kinex - Grab it! 

Slightly More Than Wal-Mart Or Best Buy
But some different titles! 

$25.00 iTunes Gift Card - For $20.00 

Their ad shows limited titles on their sale movies, 
however it says they'll have more titles

Ultimate Disney Barbie Collection
Best Price - Grab it! 

Read the description of these below! 

Spynet Night Vision Stealth Binoculars
Top 100 Toys Best Price So Far
Grab it! 

Mega Lego Sets $64.99 - BEST PRICE SO FAR! 

Same games as Wal-Mart,,
and Kohl's Stand to Offer. 
Same Price - if you're there - grab them! 

Leap Frog Games 
You may watch for these to go 
on sale cheaper but so far - best price. 

If you want/need a fire put this is the best price

These do go on sale cheaper, 
but they're going to get harder to find the 
closer you get to Christmas! 
If you don't believe me ask my mom, 
She got me one last year! 


Scarfs, Hats, Mittens and Gloves! Great Stocking Stuffers! 

Comfy Robes... Great Price! 

Christmas PJ Shirts. 

Mak-up, Games and 
Transformer Figures are a great price. 
The movies and cloths though... 
their filler items. Leave them 

Alright there's your Target Ad for Black Friday, and it's rating! It's worth the stop, I'll be there at midnight when doors open! 

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