Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Shopping Hints and Tips #9 - Count Down To A Perfect Holiday Shopping Experience

Check KSL, Craig's List, E-Bay and Facebook First!

Dont' assume that the sale price you found at Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, or any other daily deal site is the best you can get it for! Last year I wanted to get my kids a play house from Little Tykes for Christmas. I checked around the house we liked was blue and retail it was about $399.99. I kept finding it for around half price but it was still just so expensive that I put it off.

Finally while on Craig's List looking for a snow blower I thought to myself that I should really just check to see if anyone had one of these Little Tykes Houses for Sale. I did a quick search and found 2 people in my neighborhood who were selling them! One was hardly played with and the woman only wanted $20.00 OR fire wood! I went out back and started breaking up pallets we use for packing (we had more then we'd ever use anyway). With in 2 hours I had earned myself a free play house for the girls for Christmas! it was Pink instead of Blue, but the same model!

Check with friends, sometimes their kids have outgrown toys, or upgraded tools! Send out what I call a present APB on facebook, and say "does anyone have ____" they aren't using anymore? It sounds cheesy but how many times have your friends sold something, or given something away, or heck thrown something out that you went and bought at the store the next week? Offer to trade! Say I have a garage full of stuff I'm getting rid of if anyone needs ____ I'm looking for ____ in exchange! It works wonders, and will save you hundreds!

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