Friday, January 13, 2012

Crocs - End Of Season Sale Deal Rundown!

Here's The Rundown.... Some of these wouldn't link directly to the shoe they are all found in the clearance End of Season Sale if it doesn't link directly for you.
Use Coupon Code: FallShip for FREE SHIPPING with No Minimum.

Regularly $34.99 Now JUST $14.99 (63% Savings)

Regularly $34.99 NOW JUST $14.99 (63% Savings) 

Regularly $44.99 NOW JUST $19.99 (56% Savings) 

Regularly $59.99 NOW JUST $29.99 (50% Savings)

Blitzen Polar Kids' Clog in 4 Color Choices 
Regularly $29.99 NOW JUST  $14.99

Skylar Collection  (Skylar Flips, Skylar Clogs, & Skylar Flats)
Regularly $14.99 to $20.00 now only $9.99 

Crocband Mammoth For Men & Women in 4 Colors
Regularly $44.99  NOW JUST $19.99! (56% Savings) 

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