Saturday, February 11, 2012

Daily Top 10 Deals Online -

1. Ultra Flush TV Mount 32-65"! 
I actually bought one of these last time they were on sale, it is now being used in our family room. It was incredibly easy to install and we did not break the TV! I was so worried from all the horror stories but this was simply wonderful! Regularly $169.99 Now $14.99! I have no idea how they can sale these so cheep but I'll be getting a second one for my bedroom today! Go here to see this deal.

2. Ultrasonic Pest Replant 2-Pack
These are silent to the human ear but repel pests with ultrasonic sound rather than chemicals! If you have children at home these are amazing, keep the traps, and poisons up where they can't also hurt curious toddlers, and use sound instead. Regularly $39.99 Now Just $4.99 per pack, go here to fetch this deal.

3. Free Beech-Nut Baby/Toddler Food
Sign up here for the Beechnut Goodies newsletter and they will send you coupons for discounts and free products! When I got mine for my first child (forgot to sign up with Inara so I just did it) I got buy one get one free, one free, and $.50 cents to $1.00 off coupons! Totally worth signing up for! Sign up here

4. First Time ThredUp Customers Save 20%
If you haven't tried Thredup yet you need to! For use children's clothing cheaper than you can get it at the thrifts stores and often brand names this is the place! I got each of my children 2 boxes of winter clothing in September total cost was less than $100.00 and they had an entirely new wardrobe! Check it out by clicking the image below. To save 20% use "SPRING20" 

5. FREE Sterling Silver Jewelry Just Pay Shipping
Just pay $6.95 shipping on any piece of sterling silver jewelry from this entire website. They feature 4 pieces at a time and they each rotate every 15 minutes. So check back often and fill up your jewelry box, or your girl friends :) What a great place to get gifts from as well! Go here to check out the sterling silver jewelry club

6. Free 8 x 10 Photo Canvas! 
Pay shipping and handling after uploading your photo and positioning it on the canvas the way you want. This is the deal of the year seriously! My shipping was $12.80 on one canvas then I went back and did it a second time and paid $8.90. I have cherished both. Click the picture below to be taken to this deal. 

7. Sees Candy Valentine's Special Collection
Sees rarely go on sale but they have put together some speically priced collections for Valentine's day so if you have a Sees Near you it maybe worth stopping in. They have them on sale on their website but I find the shipping is very expensive, regardless here's the information! Valentine's Day Treats under $20 at See's Candies!

8. Hallmark 2011 Ornaments 75% Off! 
This is a well kept secret among us ornament snobs. But Hallmark does not sale their previous year ornaments (EXCEPT on clearance!) The day after Christmas they all get marked down to 25% off, wait a week and it's 50% off. Wait til the 5th of Feb and you get them at 75%. So go into your favorite local Hallmark Store and walk to the back you'll find a shelf or bucket of them all marked down! At 75% off I got 14 Ornaments (which I use for gifts) for less than $60.00! That's insane! My husband and children love our tree it has all their favorite characters on it. My dad says it looks like it stepped out of Dr. Suess. Enjoy the secret now that you know! (March 1st they get marked down to $2.00 each, so go in now and get the few you have to have, then go back in March).

9. Mommy to be Silicon Bracelet
Get a free Mommy To Be Silicon Bracelet for any expecting mothers. It's completely free no need to pay shipping just enter your due date and birthday. There are several bonus offers but you do not have to accept one to get the free bracelet. You do have to verify your e-mail address.  

10. Men's Arrow Pattern Polo Shirts
Kohls is having a huge online sale this weekend! These regularly priced polos are $50.00 on sale this weekend only for $12.00 plus get 15% off the already marked down prices with the coupon code "FEB15"! What a great deal with summer just around the corner polos are a must have! Go here to see this deal.

Hope you enjoy the deals, pass them alone, like us on Facebook and come back tomorrow for more! 

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