Sunday, March 4, 2012

Redbox - Get Up To 4 Free Game Rentals

Redbox is offering a free game rental everyday from now until March 8th! Just reserve your game online, go pick it up using the code from your online reservation, and the first night is free. Play it, take it back and repeat everyday until the 8th! Go here to find a Redbox game rental near you, and reserve your first title.

Why Would You Rent A Game? 
This is an amazing way to try out games before you buy them, or pick up a party game when a few friends are coming over that you don't necessarily want to flip $50 bucks for but would love to play for the evening. Or use these as a way to try out games your children would like to bring into your home, to see if they are parent approved before purchasing it just to find out that you'll be locking "that one" away until they are old enough to pay rent.

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