Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 10 Daily Deals - Sharper Image, Melissa & Doug, Mogo, Legos and More

1 - Half Off Sharper Image 
Here's a seriously fun save for all you Sharper Image fans out there! $30.00 Sharper Image Gift Card for $15.00! How fun is that? To find this deal go to Eversave and click on Salt Lake City Deals or just click here.

2 - Mesh Beach & Pool Clogs For Kids and Toddlers
Totsy is having an amazing sale on Mesh Beach and Pool clogs for kids just $6.00 per pair! There is a huge range of sizes from 5 in kids to 4 in youth! Check out the entire collection by Clicking here and going to the Gone To The Beach Event

3 - Melissa & Doug Up To 33% Off! 
Melissa & Doug is back on Totsy in an event happening now through Thursday! Save up to 33% on a variety of Melissa and Doug toys including sorting shapes, food groups, nesting and stacking blocks, soft blocks, chomp and clack alligator and much more! Go here and click on the Melissa and Doug event to start expending your toy collection now!

Hints & Tips: this is a better price than offered at local retailers or on Melissa & Doug's website. Think ahead, buy the ones you want and put them in storage totes until birthdays, Easter, or Christmas. 

4 - Mogo Charms Bracelets and Magnetic Charms Half Off! 
I'm going to bore all of you with Totsy today but seriously I'm on here now putting together an order for my children's Easter baskets! These are the most adorable charm bracelets ever! Go here to see this deal, and make sure you click on the Mogo Charms Event to see the entire collection!

Hints & Tips: You can use any magnet to create these charms or do some of your own with graft gel glue and stickers, pictures, stamps, or cut outs from magazines! Just glue magnets onto the back of your craft project! Not recommended for children under 5. 

5 - Double VIP Points on all LEGO Purchases March 1st - 15th
Available in Lego Stores, Online Go here to see the details of this awesome Lego program! Double VIP points on all purchases. Valid through Mar 15, 2012 what a great way to earn free Legos, and save money on Legos! 

Hints & Tips: Items such as Legos which aren't discounted regularly on the shelves of your local compartment store are often better to purchase online directly from teh manufacture where you can take advantage of programs that will earn you free product! Then when Legos do go on sale pick them up locally! 

6 - 50% Off Children's Movies, TV Shows, And Award Winners! 
Barns & Noble only offers this sale twice a year, so now is the time to jump on it! Children's Movies, adult and children's television shows on DVD, and Award Winning movies are all discounted up to 50% off! Even pre-orders are discounted right now! This offer is in-store and online so go here to start browsing!

350x250 - Media

7 - Save $4.00 on Sees Candies For Easter
Sees is one of those "NEVER GOES ON SALE" type products, but if you've ever tasted them you know why! This month only they have released a coupon for $4.00 off any $40.00 purchase! Take advantage of this offer by printing or using the coupon online $4 OFF Orders $40+ at See's Candies! Ends 3/29

8 - 1 Carat Blue Diamond Ring in 14k White Gold 
What a stunning ring! For anyone looking to get engaged, or rekindle a romance this summer blue diamonds are a wonderful way to kick off spring! Regularly $2119.99 on Sale For Just $574.99 (the ring size is 7 which is why these are on sale, so if you need a different size you'll have to have the band re-sized)Go here to see this amazing offer.

9 - Hot Topic Clothing $5.00 Off $50.00 Purchase 
They are now featuring their Breaking Dawn clothing line, and they have a huge Clearance section this coupon will work on! I love it! I found 3 shirts, and a skirt for $50.00 (origionally $114.00) and applied the coupon code which took off another $5.00! That's $114.00 in clothing for $45.00! Awesome deal! You can click on the banner below or go to HotTopic.com to get this deal. 

10 - Netgear Firewall and Parental Controller
This wireless parental controller by Netgear is regularly $49.99 and is on sale at Daily Steal for Just $4.99 plus shipping! That's an awesome deal especially if you are concerned with what your kids are finding to do on television or the computer while you're not around! This is a double firewall as well as a parental controller so stop outside threats from attacking your computers, as well as inside sources from finding sites you'd rather they don't. Go here to get this deal!


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