Thursday, March 8, 2012

Top 10 Daily - PF Chang's, Children's Sets, Monitors, Kitchen Aid, Red Box, Skylander's and More!

1 -  Lady Antebellum Album Plus Digital Book Only .25 Cents 
This deal comes from Amazon and was originally posted by Homemaking Expert one of the blogs I follow! I was glad to see a great Album for such a tiny price! This deal is for the entire album and you can pick it up here. Thanks Homemaking Expert! Go here to get this deal!

2. Lady Antebellum Need You Now Album Only $3.99
Since we're on great album deals on Amazon I thought I'd share a few others that are awesome deals! First Lady Antebellum Need You Now Only $3.00 Here! This one also comes with the digital book. Grab it here.

3. Toby Keith 35 Biggest Hits Album Just $3.99 That's 11.4 Cents Per Song!
Grab this album on Amazon and download it instantly to the Amazon Cloud Player! Their Cloud Player is free, and you can listen to the music anywhere... or import it into your iTunes or other account. Snag This Deal Here

Hints & Tips: Okay I won't bore you with anymore album deals today but check out Amazon sometime when you're looking for new music, you might be surprised what they have a great deal or free!

4. Skylander's Characters Hints & Tips
My husband and I recently purchased the game Skylander's and for anyone who has it you already know finding the characters on shelves are nearly impossible right now, and getting them on e-bay is outrageous! So here's a secret tip I found! Look on Amazon but don't look at the ones marked Prime, instead look at the New starting at... price on each character and find them from the smaller gaming store! Often these stores are selling them for the suggested retail and about $3.99 shipping! I've gotten several sets lately and not paid anymore than I would after tax in-store! Happy hunting! Go here to complete or start your collection.

5.  Last Day For A Free RedBbx Game! 
Redbox is offering a free game rental everyday from now until March 8th! Just reserve your game online, go pick it up using the code from your online reservation, and the first night is free. Play it, take it back and repeat everyday until the 8th! Go here to find a Redbox game rental near you, and reserve your first title.

Why Would You Rent A Game? 
This is an amazing way to try out games before you buy them, or pick up a party game when afew friends are coming over that you don't necessarily want to flip $50 bucks for but would love to play for the evening. Or use these as a way to try out games your children would like to bring into your home, to see if they are parent approved before purchasing it just to find out that you'll be locking "that one" away until they are old enough to pay rent.

6. 5 Quart Kitchen Aid Mixer For $169.99 and FREE SHIPPING! 
As Homemaking Expert pointed out this is better than any of the Black Friday Ads on this kitchen essential! The price is $199.99 and FREE SHIPPING but Amazon is providing the printable mail-in-rebate right on the product page so print it, and get $30.00 back! (ThanksHomemaking ExpertGo here to see this awesome deal! 

7. Dell 23" Wide Screen Flat Panel Monitor 
Retailing for $229.99 this flat panel monitor is on sale until midnight tonight for just $129.99! Sold at Best in their Daily Deal event or by going here. This monitor has a customer rating of 4.3 out of 5, which is impressive! 

8. Babies Favorite Character's Collection on Totsy 
Pooh Bear, Tiger, Elmo and more these adorable children's clothing collections are on sale for $7.50 to $14.25 Regularly priced up to $37.50! What a wonderful little present to stuff children's Easter baskets, or for sprint pictures! Go here and choose the Babies Favorite Character's Collection to see this entire event

9. Think Fun Brand Games Up To 50% Off
These are great games for kids to enhance and learn reading, math, patterns, and phonics! I have several of these games and paid a lot more for them then they are offering them in this sale! Even on sale at Amazon these games are several dollars more than offered here! Go here and choose the Think Fun event to see all their games.

10. FREE Lettuce Wraps at PF Chang's! 
Just sign up for the PF Chang's VIP club via e-mail here and with in 24 hours they will send you a coupon for FREE Lettuce wraps! Now there's a great offer! Just make sure to sign up before you want to go eat, because it's not an instant e-mail coupon. 

That's your top 10 for today! I hope you enjoyed them, leave me a comment and let me know your favorite deals or types of deals! And, watch for the up coming give-aways as well as the A to Z blog challenge articles coming in April! 

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