Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Gaming Gone Crazy

I wasn't a gamer before I got married. But my now husband sure was! Have you ever noticed how much games cost? Here I am completely naive thinking I'll fill his stocking with games our first year... $430.00 later I have a stocking full of games all right and a migraine thinking about how I'm going to pay off my credit card. So the hunt was on... and games became my new favorite thing to get a deal on. Here's a few secrets I've learned about getting games with out getting the migraine.

1. Buying Used Is Worth It 
There is a lot I won't buy used, maybe I'm a snob but there are just too many things that can be wrong with used items. Vacuums, televisions, lawn mowers, and shoes are among the "I'll just flip the bill for new but thanks". However, buying used games is a good deal and a smart move. Most of the time a game is played once all the way through and then returned back in for a store credit to places like Best Buy, Amazon, and Game Stop. These games work just fine and even have a 100% return policy if they don't! Buy from reputable companies when buying used but it's wroth the money you'll save. Even if it's just 15%.

2. Know Before You Go 
I don't think I could emphasis this anymore. Make a list of games you want, or at the very least a list of games you own. It's not a good deal if no one wants it or you already had it!! I've had my children and husband make a list. I added games I'd enjoy having to it and I keep the list on my phone. That way I can compare anywhere. Avoid getting games just because they are a good deal. If you think a game really looks awesome and it's not on your list, take the time to scan it with your phone and check the ratings (if you can).

3. Deal Of The Day
Make a list of games you know you'er family wants and plan on a 2 to 3 month turn around. You can find great deals if you don't wait until the last minute. For instance:
Amazon has their daily deal page just for video games, they claim up to 80% off although you'll usually get good games at about a 33% discount.
Best Buy has their weekly and daily deal pages where you can often find games at half price! These pages are not strictly games however they almost always feature at least one. I love these deals and check them at least a few times a week. I just got Skylanders for $49.99 instead of $69.99.
Target's Video Game page shows their featured deals, they do have sales but they also offer cash back in the form of Target gift cards for buying gaming systems. Right now they are featuring Skylander's and several video games under $10.00.
Wal-Mart has a special game pricing section on their main video game page. It's a sliding bar that shows you their featured games on sale. Again you can find good deals but don't expect the most current releases. Wal-Mart usually gets an exclusive to sale them early and has no need to discount them.
Game Stop has an entire list of deals on their site. But often you'll get better deals by walking in. They have their used games buy 2 get 1 free most of the time, and they are already discounted because they are used.
Toys R Us clearance center has a list of video games they have sales on or have on clearance. I actually find a good number of deals here.

4. Use The "Secret Sites" 
Game TZ is just one of a few online game trading sites you can use to trade in old games for other used ones. These sites are often more difficult to use and require patience but you will get a good deal. Other sites that are lesson common or well known that offer deep discounts are:, Game Fly, and Game Du Jour

5. Buy It Now
If you find a video game you know someone in your family is going to want, buy it when you find a good deal on it. Some video games take months to catch on and then are impossible to find. Other's come out with a boom and fizzle out just as fast. If you know it's a good deal and a game you're going to be buying grab it and stash it til the holidays. 

Hope you enjoyed our G post! Be sure to check back Monday for H is for Hallmark. 
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  1. Great tips. We have a Wii but don't have a lot of games because of the cost. I will definitely look into some of the sites you mentioned.


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