Monday, April 9, 2012

H is For Hallmark The Ornament Secret

H is For Hallmark 
Have the Cute and Keep the Money Too! 

This is a well kept secret among us ornament snobs. But Hallmark does not sale their previous year ornaments (EXCEPT on clearance!) The day after Christmas they all get marked down to 25% off, wait a week and it's 50% off. Wait til the 5th of Feb and you get them at 75%. So go into your favorite local Hallmark Store and walk to the back you'll find a shelf or bucket of them all marked down! At 75% off I got 14 Ornaments (which I use for gifts) for less than $60.00! That's insane! My husband and children love our tree it has all their favorite characters on it. My dad says it looks like it stepped out of Dr. Suess. Enjoy the secret now that you know! 

(March 1st they get marked down to $2.00 each, so go in now and get the few you have to have, then go back in March). 

So here's the dirty secret, buy the ornaments a year before you use them, spend your holiday money on the holidays and you'll still be putting up new ornaments every year! I have 14 never put on my tree ornaments for next year already :) 

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  1. That's awesome! Thanks for the tip! I think I will check out Hallmark this week and snag some ornaments.


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