Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is For Jewelry Better When It's Free

Okay let's be realistic nothing is ever absolutely free. Even if a company offers a free sample with free shipping they still want you to agree to their terms and conditions which allow them to sell the information they have collected on you IE: name, age, e-mail address etc to other companies. However, you can find some incredibly killer deals on jewelry out there. Here are three things you need to know before you buy 1. shipping will take longer on "free" items. About 2-3 weeks usually so order in advance for gifts or big events. 2. They will try to sell you something so if they don't offer you additional items right then expect a post card in the mail later with coupons, and other great deals trying to get some little money out of you. 3. You will pay shipping on free jewelry and it seems high until you realize that's all you're paying.

Here are my top 5 favorite sites to do so on: 

Sterling Silver Club: 
They change their selections ever 15 minutes so keep checking back. You can order as many pieces as you want for free, just pay the $6.95 shipping! I always get these as gifts! Sterling silver, synthetic and real gemstones, and all you pay is shipping. Also be sure to check out their deal of the day they are often really awesome!

This place has a lot of unusual jewelry for free and other's for next to free. If you buy several pieces they will include free shipping otherwise you pay $6.99 per piece shipping and handling on all the free items. Again you can order more than one you just pay shipping. Great site for gifts!

Grab N Go
This site offers so many free items it will make your head spin! You will still pay shipping and handling but you can get pendants, rings, sun glasses, bracelets, earrings, scarfs, pipes and more! You have to see their huge selection it's really fun! Another great gift site. Even paying $6.99 for shipping and handling is better than the $35.00 per a pair of sun glasses.

Diamond International
Just pay $4.45 shipping per item, which is cheaper than most free jewelry. They have a selection at any given time of about 2 to 10 items you can choose from. I haven't tried to buy more than one piece at a time here so you'll have to experiment there. The turn around time is also much faster than most free sites.

This place does exactly the opposite of the others. They offer ridiculously low prices and FREE SHIPPING. So check it out! I just got a bunch of earrings off this site for $1.00 per pair (regularly $24.99) and am using them in care packages. Each pair came on a card and I got them about 10 days later. Great site love the deals.

Now that you know... go fill your jewelry box and stock up to wow your sisters, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and friends this holiday season! 

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