Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Ideeli Sometimes Ideal

All deal sites offer some great deals... and then they offer their not so great deals. Often these sites are willing to take a loss on one item or category in order to draw business and the illusion that they only offer the bottom price. The trick is figuring out which sites offer the bottom price on which types of items.

Ideeli has some amazing deals and just like all other deal sites some not so great ones. Here's what to and what NOT to buy on Ideeli.

1. Do - watch for their red tag sales on women's clothing. You can grab some amazing deals during their red tag sales which they do quite often (monthly to bi-monthly).

2. Do NOT - buy children's toys. I have never seen a truly amazing deal on children's toys. Even their Melissa and Doug events are often more expensive than other deal sites.

3. Do - use multiple checkout per day with one shipping charge. You can check out as many times in a day as you want and you'll still only pay shipping once. Most daily deal sites will charge you per order, but I LOVE that ideeli only charges you once. So if you change your  mind about a separate item or are going back for flash deals you can keep checking out.

4. Do NOT - Jewelry. Unless you just have to have something you see, and don't care about the price. The jewelry deals aren't worth the bother.

5. Do - Watch for exclusive sales like Lane Bryant and Skull Candy. ideeli grabs a lot of name brands that other deal sites just don't have. For example right now they have Skull Candy at almost half off. In order to find them though you have to go to the 'home' tab and scroll down to the Skull Candy. 

6. Do NOT - Kids. There are so many deal sites that exclusively do children's items that they outdo ideeli every time. Not to say ideeli is ripping anyone off, it's just not the bottom price you can find online when it comes to children's clothing, toys, or other items.

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  1. Kind of nice, posts offering tips for finding good deals. Thanks for sharing :-)


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