Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is For Organize In Style

O is For Organizing On a Budget
To-Do In Style and Save Money!

You know all those adorable pads of paper that "help you stay organized" when you can find them that is. They each cost anywhere from $9.95 to about $35.00, and somehow every year you find yourself buying 2-3 of them? Yeah... well that's upwards of nearly $95.00 a year on cute paper you throw away. STOP IT.

Instead try this! Here's a huge round up of adorable printable papers, switch your styles with your mood and stay on top of each task. Also one huge advantage to printing your own is you can print the "type" of organizers you need that day/week etc. Check it out!

1. Our House Weekly At a Glance Organizer: Print Here

2. Your Daily Schedule Buttoned Up: Print Here (don't stop there check out this entire Buttoned Up site)

3. Free Planner Pages: Print Here (and don't forget to check out the entire page for tons more).  

4. Weekly Chore Chart: Print Here

5. The Eat Sheet Menu Planner: Print Here

6. The Project Girl Menu Planners! Print Here

7. Password Log: Print Here

9. Weekly Cleaning Calender: Print Here

10. Weekly Blog Planner: Print Here

Here are a couple other hints and tips to save money while staying organized.

Turn your printed onto "draft" mode before printing. Since this isn't a paper you're keeping forever the draft option will save you money on ink, and on these cute papers you most likely won't even see the difference.

Don't print more than a few at a time. Like I said all those cute pads of paper end up getting drawn on by the babies, lost, swept under the couch "borrowed" by the in-laws or just plain disappearing. So print a weeks worth or heck a days worth at a time. Some days you may not even need an organizer. This way you won't waist the time, inc, and paper for sheets you may end up throwing away.

Change it up! Don't just print one and stick with it. If you have to stare at a to-do list make it fun!

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