Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is For Quicksilver

Quicksilver is a huge brand name in the clothing industry as of late. And, honesty they make some stylish clothing! But at $60.00 for a shirt and $78.00 for a pair of boarding shorts, who can even consider dressing in this fashion... well.. you can! Check out all these little tricks to get Quicksilver clothing at super cheep prices... then when you're done. Use the tricks to find other brand name and designer brands at reduced prices too!

1. 6pm
6pm is a clothing store that sells brand names super cheep. How do they do it? They buy last seasons close outs, and then they sell them the following season! So last springs styles are not super cheep on Don't just check out the Quicksilver catalog check out the entire site!

2. Amazon
Amazon is a collaboration of companies, and many companies on Amazon sell name brand clothing at a discounted price! Quicksilver is so hot right now that you'll find a wide selection and some deep discounts. Here are a few things to watch for though: 1. how much is shipping? 2. The sellers rating! 3. double check the list price. Sometimes sellers will mark up the list price to make the discount appear larger then it is! Check out Quicksilver on Amazon.

3. Tactics
Tactics is another hidden gem on the internet. A huge clothing mall of deeply discounted brand names! Make sure to browse around a bit and enjoy the huge selection. You can even find items that were 2 or 3 seasons ago, so if you're looking for something you saw and wish you had gotten check here!

4. The Clearance Bin
Don't forget to check the brand name's website! Sometimes they offer the best sales on their own cloths. After all they control the stock. Quicksilver's site offers a quick glance at all their sales and clearance buys on one page! Gotta love that feature.

5. Buy a Season Early
If you want the best deals, new clothing for every season, and to wear something you won't see 3 of your friends who are trying to 'keep up' wearing. Buy a season ahead. So right now grab all the winter sales, pack them up and put them away for next winter. Instead of paying full price next fall, you can pull out your winter stash, clip the tags and have new clothing to wear all season... while you're filling up your summer totes!

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  1. You have some good suggestions. I hadn't heard of most of those sites before.


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