Friday, April 20, 2012

R is For The Rack - What's on it?

The Rack: It's a term you need to know! Often retailers call what is on their shelves at that moment their rack. It's common in malls, and now online. Memorize this term and you'll find deal sites that use it commonly. You'll also start noticing when you see it in-stores to refer to clearance items etc.

Have you been to a mall department store looking for a new outfit and felt like there's only 12 outfits in the entire mall? You're looking at the same rack over and over and over in different colors?

Well chances are you're correct in thinking there isn't much variation in the styles. The reason is "The in look" is usually very specific so you have to branch away from the mainstream look to find anything of interest. So where can you find another rack? In fact there are several wonderful racks online. Try these for some variation.... oh yeah and a better price!

Beyond The Rack 
A wonderful site that has amazing deals and fabulous clothing, hand bags, jewelry, ties etc.

No More Rack
This is like department store bundle! They have everything you'd find in a mall department store at various times. their deals sell out quickly so you have to check back at 10am every morning (or at least when you're feeling spunky).

This is my favorite online rack! In fact it is probably my favorite deal site at all! It's an entire online mall with clothing, decor, and more. They have the greatest stuff I've never seen before! No dresses, it's not all get-up it's more like the online nerd mall. I just can't get enough of it! If you have second check it out!

You probably remember my ideeli do and don't post. If not check it out here. It's very helpful to navigating the best deals on this website. If you'd like to see the do's and don'ts of each daily deal site leave me a comment and I'll keep writing them!

Is an online rack for mom and kids! this is again one of my top 5 favorites. You can find a wide variety of items from designer shoes for mom, to carrying slings that only the celebrities have for baby. And, don't forget the back to school and very much in-style classics for kids!

Is another family rack. From the awesome dinosaur eating shirts for boys, to the sundress sales of the season for girls, dad's favorite ties at half off, and mom's maternity clothing, gardening hats, and rain boots at 45% off... it's a wonderful online hop!

Not all daily deal sites are racks. In fact very few are and some that claim to be are not. These sites are wonderful racks that I have used personally and highly recommend. I will be putting together a list of "crappy deal sites" but not tonight :)

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