Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is For Wedding Supplies & Free Tools

Weddings will break the bank! But they don't have to. My husband and I got married and spent just a few dollars shy of  $1300 total after the dress, the ceremony, food, and everything else!!! Here are 5 tips, 5 tools, and 5 deals to keep you beautiful and out of debt for your big day!

Wedding Shopping Tips: 
1. Don't Rush! Make your engagement at least 9 months long (a year is ideal) to make sure you have time to make the things you want, bargain shop, and buy off season!
2. Choose A Weekday Marriage! Getting married on Saturday will double your wedding cost if you rent ANYTHING! Choose a Thursday, Tuesday or Wednesday for the deepest discounts, your friends wont' care and you can spend your weekend on your honeymoon!
3. Ask Family & Friends For Help! Everyone wants to be involved in your wedding! They are excited for you but they don't' want to volunteer to much and piss you off. So ask for help! Your friends and family will be more engaged, and more excited if tehy are helping anyway! Ask your guests if anyone knows how to make a wedding cake, do dress alterations, if they have tables and chairs resources (my uncle I found out had purchased tables and chairs for his daughters weddings, and he let us barrow them for free! I had no idea until we put out an APB on Facebook!) Are any of your guests professional or aspiring photographers? You'd be surprised who you already know!
4. But Clearance Dresses! Okay so every bride wants the perfect dress but let's face it you never wear it again! So look through the clearance dresses they are often just left over stock with nothing wrong with them or in our case I found one that was originally marked $1499.99 and was on sale for $99 because there was a tear on the sleeve. Well I had to have it altered anyway so I asked if the sleeve could be repaired... it was and the alterations only cost $45! The dress ended up being our biggest expense at just under $150! No one at the wedding knew I had gotten it on clearance and everyone awed over the name brand!!! My mother and I were the only ones to know anything about the price of the dress :)
5. Search Party! Don't search wedding anything! OMG you'll pay more just because it says wedding on it!!! Search party and save yourself 80% of the cost, you can find the same items, same brands, and same designs in most cases for less money! You can even buy a "prom dress" in white! It's a big trick I've done with a few of my friends, we find a prom dress in a wedding dress style they love then special order it in white. You'll pay an average of $300 to $450 for the same dress that would cost $2000 as a wedding dress!

Free Wedding Tools:
1. Wedding Wire's Seating Chart & Guest List! This site has a complete wedding planning site that you can sign up and use completely free! And although I love the site their budget planner isn't the best!
2. The Knot's Budget Planner! This is the best free online budget planner! Sign up and use it for free, and even better they'll send you coupons as soon as you sign up!
3. E Weddings Free Wedding Site! There are hundreds of sites you can create a free wedding album on where guests can RSVP you can upload the line and pictures. This just happens to be one of my favorites!
4. My Wedding Checklist! I love their check lists! Talk about putting it all in simple lists so you don't get overwhelmed.
5. Google Weddings! This site has most of the things listed above some of their tools are more difficult to use but if you want it all in one place here you go!

Wedding Deals: 
1. 1 Free Issue of Bridal Guide Magazine with no commitment! Decide if you like it for free instead of picking it up on the stand! Compliments of SampleClub. Go here to get your free copy!
2. Registrar In-stores for free gifts! Stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Target have free gifts for couples registering for their wedding! Make sure to do it in-store to get these special freebies!
3. Wedding Solutions Free Guide To The Best Weddings and Honeymoons Book! Just go here to sign up and get this book mailed to you for free!
4. Free 2 Cup Sauce Pan for registering your wedding with Circulon! Just go here and sign up to get the free pan if your guests purchase a total of $300 from Circulon off your registry they will send you even more gifts! The pan comes in the mail but arrived fairly quickly!
5. Free Wedding Pack From Vistaprint! I love Vistaprint they offer great deals and awesome sales! I have ordered invitations business cards, save the date cards and more from them, highly recommend using them for stationary needs!

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