Thursday, April 26, 2012

V is For Vintage On A Budget

My apologies this did not post April 25th my Blogger was experiencing some technical difficulties. 

Vintage clothing, decor, and jewelry are all in high demand right now! So how can you dress and decorate in all the latest 'old' fashions with out braking the bank? Here are 5 tips to get you started on your trip back in time! 

1. Don't Search Vintage! 
Searching the word vintage automatically means you're paying more for it! It's like saying 'wedding' vs. 'party'. You can find the same types of items using different key words and save yourself a lot of money! Try retro, industrial, used, needs repair, old, nonworking, and other keywords in place of vintage to save yourself money right off the bat. 

Fab offers tons of 'vintage' brands, modern clothing, art, and decor all done to look like it stepped out of Breakfast At Tiffany's! 

Etys is a great place to find tons of hand made items, used items, and actual 'vintage' items! You can find incredible things from other people's attics! Plus get great ideas for restoring your own old items! 

4. Make Your Own
Don't be afraid to raid the garage, try yoru grandparents garage, or your parents! Try your neighbors garage (okay only with permission), and restore a few of your own items! You might be surprised what a little inspiration can do to your budget! 

5. Try Stage Props Instead 
Search props instead of certain decor items! I wanted an old candlestick phone from the 20s but they were ranging between $100 and $1200 everywhere I looked. So finally (and totally frustrated) I looked on e-bay under stage prop candle stick phones... I grabbed one for $8.00 and $11.00 shipping. WOW!!! I didn't' need it to work it's just a decoration in our "inventor" style lounge! Talk about a savings! If you don't need something to be functional (or even if you want something such as a hat stand) try stage props! 

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