Friday, April 27, 2012

X is For: xBox Games & Tools

Xbox is one of the largest gaming systems on the market right now. Which means it has a HUGE mark-up. Hint *Hint... don't pay full price! Here are three tips for getting the most value out of your xbox!

1. Check Daily Deal Sites 
Check the daily deal sites for controllers, guitars, cameras, keyboards and more! They often have them and are almost always 50% to 75% off! Daily Deal sites to check: 1saleaday and dailysteal are my 2 favorites for video game deals.

2. Try Craig's List
You wouldn't believe how many people sale their systems with all the games and extras! Often it's someone who has gotten out of gaming, had a child move out who use to game, or needs the cash. Remember there's no warranty this way however, I've never personally had an issue!

Many games are ones that you play all the way through and then you are done with. Save these and trade them in towards the purchase of new games!

PS don't forget to enter Amazon's contest for a FREE Xbox Limited Edition with Kinct here!

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