Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is For Yard Deals For A Beautiful Lawn!

Wanting to do your yard over? This summer is a great time to get started! Here are 5 places, hints, and tips for a beautiful yard on a budget! Good luck... and feel free to share your tips.
1. Join The Home Depot Gardening Club
For exclusive deals, clearance and sale alters, and high value coupons join the free gardening club at Home Depot! You can go here and learn all about the benefits of this club including free work shops, and sign up!

2. Join Lowes Gardening Club
Here's another freebie with huge benefits! High value coupons, clearance alerts, and free classes!

3. HGTV Family Gardening Newsletter
Free family projects every month, plus informational articles, and videos, coupons and more! I love this site it's seriously one of my favorite inspiration and help guides! Skip buying all the gardening books and just go here!

4. Shop The Clearance Section
I can't stress this enough...check out the clearance section first! Here are 5 gardening, yard, and outdoor clearances to try! Target, Wal-Mart, K Mart, and Lowes.

5. Buy Off Season
Planning out what you want and buying items at the end of the season for next year is the best deal you'll get!

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