Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zulily The Deal Site For Mommy

With the past reviews you may already know how this works, however, here's a recap. Each deal site on the web has items they offer at exceptional values, and ones they don't actually mark down! The trick is learning what items to get on each site and determining the actual value! Zulily is no exception but it is one of the best deal sites online for mom! Yep for mom... not so much for the kids! Here are your top 5 do's and do not's of Zulily! You can sign up to see the Zulily collections here it is free and only takes a few seconds

I buy tons of shoes for myself and my children off this site! I ordered 4 pair of shoes for myself, and 1 for each of my girls (6 pair) and spent $110! The total savings was over $200! Awesome deal! 

Most of the jewelry on this site is either costume jewelry or not discounted anymore than the 'normal' discount. IE what you can get any day with a coupon code, or the manufacture's retail price. 

They have wonderful deals on electronics and cameras! I was so shocked not what I expected from a 'mommy' deal site! But I just grabbed my sister a camera off here a few weeks ago and have been very impressive that I have yet to find it cheaper. 

Most of the decor on here is seasonal and the sales go up just a few days too late to actually receive the items in time for the pending holiday! I have done this 2 or 3 times now. 

There are good deals, okay deals, and great deals on educational toys. You'll have to judge each deal as they come up. I have ordered several educational toys off Zulily and loved them all. Some were regular sale prices (what you'd find in the weekly fliers at Wal-Mart, Target etc) others were exceptional values! 

This is my #1 site for maternity clothing and nursing bras! They have great deals, awesome styles, and unique names! 

Sign up for Zulily Here, and enjoy the savings! If you liked this post please take the time to comment or +1 this blog on G Plus! Thank you! 

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