Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Deals

Here are 10 awesome deals online right now... however, if you're needing to have a gift in hand next Sunday when you go to see mom... you may want to consider this a great list of gift ideas! Hope the ideas help and you can find something to meet your mom! For even more ideas, lists, and deals 'like' Daily Deal Watch on Facebook

1. 1/4ct Black Diamond Studs $24.99 After Shipping (Regularly $199.99) 
Set in sterling silver these 1/4ct Black Diamonds Earring Studs come in in a gift box and arrive in 10-14 days so be careful if you're expecting them to be here by next Sunday. Plan for a late gift, or have them delivered directly to mom and let her know a gift is on it's way. Grab This Mother's Day Gift Here.

2. Bromley 4-Piece Sling Patio Dining Chair Set $171.99 With Shipping (Regularly $294.00) 
This item is $147.00 and qualifies for Target's special shipping price of just $24.99, with a 1 year warranty and backed by Target's satisfaction guarantee. Some assemble required, and ships quickly. Grab this Mother's Day Gift Here

3. Floating Relax-A-Mat Just $5.93 & Free Shipping With Amazon Prime or $25.00 Purchase
If mom's a pool side lover here's an amazing deal! Regularly $12.99 each these relax-a-mats can be here in time to hand over next Sunday! With Amazon Prime these will be here Friday, otherwise they will ship free 'ground' with an eligible $25.00 purchase. Go here to get This Mother's Day Gift

4. Gina & May Umbrellas $25.00 Plus Shipping (Regularly $56.99) 
Sturdy umbrellas that add a huge 'splash' of color to your life! Mom likes to look stylish too so support her beauty by keeping her dry all season! These really are completely adorable I'm not a huge umbrella fan but I can definitely see these ending up in my cart for several mother's on my list! Go here to get this Mother's Day gift, they are in the Gina & May Umbrellas Event.

5. Go Teapot Crazy For $10.00 to $16.00 Each Plus Shipping (Regularly $18.99 to $27.99)
Okay tea is fun, but the pots, little cups, cute crumpets and big hats? Those are a blast! Just last year I did a huge Chai Tea party at our house for all the couples in our group, it was one of the funnest things ever! So if you have a tea memory, or maybe just a teapot memory from your childhood here's a great way to bring it all back! Check out the Tea Essentials Event here for this Mother's Day Gift!

6. Multigemstone Designer Inspired Ring $12.99 and FREE SHIPPING (Regularly $116.99)
Multigemstone Cubic Zirconia in ladies sizes 6,7,8, or 9 silver tone designer inspired layered ring. Comes in a gift box ready to give, please allow 7 days to ship, so be cautions about counting on it arriving before next Sunday, however if you're meeting up with mom later next week for coffee and brunch it's perfect! Go here to get this Mother's Day gift! .

7. Hydro Filtered Water Bottles $17.99 Plus Shipping (Regularly $28.00)
If your mom is on a mission to end the waste of empty bottles ending up in the land fill, or if she's just in love with the idea of being able to fill up a water bottle anywhere and having it filtered when she drinks it here is a great chance to grab one of the top names in the game at 30% off! Huge variety of colors and even the refill filters are on sale, go here to see the entire collection of this Mother's Day gift idea!

8. Beyond Down Gel Fiber Body Pillow $33.46 and FREE SHIPPING (Regularly $79.99)
My husband got me one of these a few years ago and let me tell you I slept amazing! Now I need a new one but they are simply awesome! And, at this price I think I'm getting a new one! These are on Amazon so if you are using Amazon Prime they will arrive in time for Mother's Day! Go here to get this Mother's Day deal!

9. Gemstone Wine Glass Charms Set of 6 $12.50 Plus $2.50 Shipping (Compared at $34.99)
I have seen these in glass at Pier One for $35.00! They are simply adorable what a great find on Etsy! I have gone to looking on Etsy for cute items such as this rather than looking in the big departments stores. Not only are directly supporting someone's hobby and usually family but you are also getting a higher quality product most of the time and at a cheaper price because you aren't paying all the overhead of having a store front, advertising etc. Grab this great Mother's Day gift here, and you can check out the other wine glass charms on etsy!

10. Videogram Cards Just $3.99 on Shutterfly
Skip the card and send a Videogram you can create your own, edit it, add captions and more then pay just $3.99 and send it to mom! Add music, show off the kids, tell her you love her... anyway you do it this card will make mom smile! Grab this Mother's Day gift here and have fun!

Hope you enjoyed the ideas, and possibly found a few good deals! Happy Mother's Day from Daily Deal Watch.

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