Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Take Out Binders - Knowing How Is Saving Series

These are popping up everywhere so I thought this would be a great time to introduce my newest short serious of articles. Knowing is Saving!

This cute 'take out menu' folder is just $12.00 on Etsy however it will cost you about $4.00 (less if you use back to school sales) and 20 minutes to make one!

(Purchase these from Etsy here)

These are amazing for college kids, baby gifts (what mom couldn't use take out right after having a baby), wedding gifts and more. They are super easy to make and can be as personalized as you'd like! I'm actually making these for several people in my family for Christmas.

You can pick up the following supplies for less than $1.00 each if you check your Dollar General, or Wal-Mart (try clearance sections too):

- 1 Avery Economy Binder with 1-Inch Round Ring ($1.88 on Amazon)
- 1 Set of Binder Sorting Tabs
- 1 (or more) Large Plastic Binder Envelope/Pouch
- 1 Single Pen (doesn't have to be fancy)

That's it, that is $4.00 or less to make each one of these! Now simple compile your own book then go around and get the take out menus of local restaurants to the area of the person you'll be giving your gift. If you're going for chain restaurants you can pick up a menu at any chain location. Punch holes in the menu's and include them in between the dividers. You can include one divider for pizza, one for delivery, one for take-out, one for chinese, one for mexican... etc. Personalize the binder to the person and geographical location of the recipient.

DON'T FORGET TO ASK FOR COUPONS! I have found that many places will give you managers coupons if you tell them what you're doing! Just let them know your friend is having a baby so you're putting together a take-out book or that your baby brother is graduating high school etc. Whatever your occasion. I had about 4 places offer me stellar coupons to put with the menus! I put them all in the plastic pouch and zipped it shut :)

Here's a few suggested places:

- Pizza places (papa johns, domino's, pizza hut, etc)
- Chain resturants with drive-up and sit down (Chili's, Applebees, PF Changs, TGI Friday, Olive Garden)
- Any local Chinese takeout or delivery places unique to that area.
- Include a card to any local grocery store that offers delivery or call and go shopping.

Now if you hadn't thought of this for baby showers, Christmas, or grads off to college there's a great personalized gift for $4.00. If you have more than that to spend how about including a gift card to your favorite take-out or delivery place on in the menu?

See's Candies, Inc.


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