Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Introducing BookFree (It's like Netflix for books)

If you like services like Netflix where you can borrow with out due dates, return when it's continent  and not pay shipping, you you love BookFree!

It's a new book service that ships out your books with no due dates, and pays the shipping both ways! Add books to your que for you the kids, or home projects, and new books will ship out everything you return one!

Rent Audiobooks at Booksfree

Best of all you can try BookFree for half price this month! That's just $7.99 for the first month if you want 2 books at a time. You can also choose to upgrade and include audio books on your plan!

Try BookFree now and save 50% off your first month!

Rent Books or Audiobooks at Booksfree