Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sephora Lovers: Total Value $174.00 Total Spent $50.99

Sephora is amazing with their fragrances and top of the line make-up... but let's be realistic they aren't cheep. Which is why when I found this deal I had to share! You can save over $150.00 and pay only $50.99 for this order so pay attention! 

First: Grab the Sephora Favorite's collection HERE which just dropped from $50.00 to $34.99! It comes with samples of: 

- 0.05 oz Ralph Lauren Romance
- 0.06 oz Gucci Flora by Gucci
- 0.05 oz Michael Kors Gold
- 0.04 oz Vera Wang Lovestruck
- 0.04 oz Oh, Lola Marc Jacobs
- 0.03 oz Pucci Miss Pucci Intense
- 0.03 oz Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo
- 0.03 oz FENDI Fan di Fendi
- 0.04 oz Taylor Swift Wonderstruck
- 0.04 oz Hanae Mori Butterfly
- Bonus: Refillable Fragrance Atomizer

And a coupon for a full size bottle of your favorite one! Just take it to the Saphora counter near you! That is a $90.00 Value! 

Second: Grab the Poor Perfection Kit regularly $18.00 on sale for $10.00 HERE. This kit has all the essentials to keeping your face and skin beautiful and is a great addition to any make-up bag! 

Third: Grab the Profectto Eye Liner in either dark blue or periwinkle (prefect for summer) HERE regularly $16.00 on sale for just $6.00! I love the periwinkle for the beach!   

Okay now you have $50.99 in your cart and you qualify for free 3 day shipping (a $9.95 value)! But there are two final steps... 

Finally: Choose three of their free sample bottles (they are all men's samples at the moment! Each sample has an approx. value of $5.00 and they make great stocking suffer  Easter Egg filler, etc type gifts) and then very final, add the coupon code "Opal" and you will receive a free Becca Shimmer Skin Protector ($25.00 value, mini size bottle). 

Total Value: $174.00 Total Spent: $50.99 I'd say that's a great deal on make-up and fragrances  Yes it did take me over an hour to figure out the best value for you! You don't have buy these exact items to get this type of a deal just use the information here and browse their clearance and sale sections! 

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