Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Three Ways To Get Free iTunes Paid Apps & Songs

I love iTunes... I love my iPod, my iPhone and using it on my computer... but holy crap all those apps all those songs.. they add up! So here are three really easy creative ways to get free iTunes apps and songs you'd regularly have to pay for!

1. App Gratis - It's an app... and it's free! And, they feature a different app (usually up to $3.99) each day taht is free for 24 hours! Second they offer additional apps on select days that are discounted up to 90%. So one free, and sometimes additional really cheep! It's worth having. I've gotten many great apps from this little app here... check it out!

2. Starbucks App - Here's another app that although typically used to pay for Starbucks drinks will offer you free songs every Tuesday! You don't have to actually have money on it or a credit card tied to it you just have to make a free Starbucks account.

3. Free App Report - it's a website that tracks all the apps being offered for free that day (doesn't include specially contracted apps from places such as App Gratis and Starbucks). Check out the website here!

Now that you are in the know have fun downloading free apps for the rest of the night! I just downloaded Winnie The Poo Wonder and Wander.

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