Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review of Disney Princes Jelly Shoes and Give-Away!

As a child I always knew spring was coming when we visited my grandmother in Magna, Utah and she took me shoe shopping! With out fail I remember many years in a row of finding the newest styles and colors in the flexible jelly sandals I loved! Most of which looked very similar to the photo below!

As spring slowly approaches this year I decided to create this tradition with my two little girls. Inara who is 3 years old, and Evie who is 4 years old both love the Disney Princesses... so much so that this September we are headed to Disneyland, California to meet them in person! The combination of searching for the old jelly shoes, and the love of princesses lead me to find these absolutly to die for adorable 'glass slippers' sold at Target and K-Mart:

I ordered them off and they got here 3 days later! I almost cried they are so cute! My girls seriously were squealing with joy and they ran through the house. Inara (my 3 year old, or soon to be 3 year old) made me 'try them on her foot to see if they fit' just like in the movie Cinderella  You can imagine her ego boost when they did!

To celebrate spring and the joy of finding these brilliant little shoes from Disney I am giving away a $20.00 gift card to Target so you can go grab a pair for your little one for free! Enter the rafflecopter below to win the drawing will be held March 3rd, 2012. I will e-mail the winner and you will have 24 hours to reply or I will choose a new winner (not to be unkind I just don't want unclaimed prizes stacking up... that that I wouldn't use a $20.00 Target gift card).

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  1. I would get these jelly shoes for my daughter! She loves new shoes!

    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy

  2. I'd get the shoes for my daughter, they're perfect for spring.

  3. This summer my daughter and I are planning to take swimming lessons at our city pool


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