Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 Reasons To Try Amazon Prime Membership Right Now


10 Reasons to try Amazon Prime Now!

1. Free Video and TV Viewing for 30 days with thousands of titles and TV shows uploaded the day after their air!

2. Free 2-day Shipping on items being ordered from Amazon or Amazon fullfillment centers! I use this all the time when items such as toilet paper go on sale! It's here 2 days later and I don't have to run to the store for it!

3. Holiday shopping sales, free shipping, and bonus buys! Dont' forget the holidays are coming the daily deal box sales, special bonus sales, and e-mail bonus buys with Amazon Prime's free shipping is unbeatable!

4. Hundreds of free MP3's to download with everything from holiday music to popular pop songs! Download the free cloud player and all the songs you'd like... then you can put them in iTunes or right onto your MP3 Player!

5. 1-Click Shopping! Enjoy the 1-click shopping option with instant buy items such as Gold Box Deals!

6. Put Amazon on your smart phone and scan to compair! I use this all the time, walk into a store and wonder if something is really a good deal? Try this... pull out your smart phone scan the barcode and search on your amazon app! You can compair prices, see reviews and even order with 1 click if you find a better deal!

7. Buy on the go! Again put the amazon app on your phone and then when you pass a sign that says "pre-order Dispicable Me 2" at Wal-mart and your brains says "oh yeah I saw that on Amazon for $5.00 bucks cheaper" you can pull out your phone click "pre-order now" and be done!

8. See the reviews! Even if Amazon is not your go-to site for everything you can use it to see hundreds of thousands of reviews from users world wide!!! I use this to look up beds while I am at RC Willey or Ashley Furnature, I use it to view treadmills while picking one out. Even if I am not purchasing something from Amazon at the moment I use the reviews like crazy!

9. Pre-Order Price Match Guarentee! If you pre-order an item such as Dispicable Me 2 Monster's University or the newest Mystery Thriller book from the New York Times Best Seller list, AND the price drops from the time you pre-order it to the time it ships Amazon will refund the difference! I just got a refund on my Monster's University pre-order of $4.00. It dropped $4.00 from the time I ordered it to the time it shipped and Amazon gave me that money back!

10. SUPER EASY RETURNS! Most companies that say easy returns are lying! But I have returned items to amazon and they are extremely easy to work with! For 1. they pay the return shipping. 2. all you ahve to do is print the lable you can even have UPS stop by your house to pick up the items. You can track where the item in the return process is right on yoru account! 3. They don't wait to re-ship. If you are returning an item for an exchange they instantly re-ship even before they get the exchange items! Then you have 30 days to print the return label and send the unwanted item back. NO WAITING!

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